About Us

Kuldea is an online marketplace that connects people to furniture products from retailers across the entire market. Put simply, Kuldea is the Home for Furniture Discovery. Founded in 2017, Kuldea has been brought to life by the vision our Co-Founders Deirdre Mc Gettrick and Ray Wright who have made their mission to bring all furniture products and retailers into one website.

Kuldea aggregates products across the entire furniture retail market and allows people to easily search and find the right products for them based on their relevance. Kuldea also provides people with top tips, inspiration and sales content from retailers and industry professionals, that help inform their home furnishing decisions.

At Kuldea, our passion is to ensure every person finds exactly what they want from their furniture shopping experience. Furnishing a home can be frustrating, it can feel difficult and leave people feeling dissatisfied. Our goal is that each and every person finds the products and retailers they need and want on Kuldea. We want people to feel excited and completely satisfied by what they achieve in using our website.

Our Story

The Kuldea story is inspired by the experience of our Co-Founders, Deirdre and Ray. Having purchased their first apartment in February 2017, the pair set about designing and furnishing the apartment in a style that reflected them as people. Deirdre, took the lead on the project as her passion and eye for detail laid the foundations for what they wanted to achieve.

In furnishing the apartment, what Deirdre and Ray found is that the market for furniture was highly fragmented and finding the products that fit their expectations was tough. Hours upon hours were spent searching furniture retailers both online and in store. It was all just too difficult, but this experience created the genesis for Kuldea. If they were experiencing this frustration at the process, then surely other people would be too. With that in mind, Deirdre and Ray took the step of imaging and designing Kuldea.

The Kuldea you experience today has been inspired and delivered on the back of the experiences and feedback of thousands of people. The evolution of the website has occurred because of their support and willingness to create a solution that better serves shoppers and retailers alike.

Our Vision

Kuldea’s vision is to be the market leading website for home furnishing. Our vision is made up of passion, inspiration and innovation that will deliver people better experiences and results in finding furniture for their homes. We aim for all people to feel like they connect with the website and the retailers who feature on it. That connection will bring excitement and satisfaction to the market by helping people and retailers achieve their goals. Continuously striving to innovate and improve is the heart of what we do at Kuldea.

Our Values

Our core values are honesty, integrity and fairness, and we want to operate and live our values in the most simple and sustainable way possible. We aspire to bring about good, by helping people find their perfect product in the most efficient manner with the least amount of hassle. Kuldea wants to be at the forefront of being a good corporate citizen in a world where many others are falling short and putting profitability ahead of people. We outline our core values in some more detail as follows:

  1. Honesty – Our service provides people with information on retailer partners and products. We do not charge people any fee, nor do people pay more when linking onto retailer websites. We make money from the retailer partners who pay us a commission for bringing them sales, this means they don’t need to pay other marketing avenues for that sale (e.g. online, TV, magazine, paper advertising).
  2. Integrity – We want to provide the full furniture market to people in an unbiased and honest manner. There is no favouritism of retailer partners or products. This also means we won’t sell any people’s data who use and subscribe to Kuldea.
  3. Fairness – Treating everyone equally that we engage with regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, customers, partners and all stakeholders.
  4. Simplicity – Ensuring that everything we produce and publish is straight forward.
  5. Sustainability - Doing everything in the most sustainable manner in every area of our business.