Each season we see new trends emerging, presenting us with the temptation to update our home with the latest of what’s trending on Instagram, and seen on every interior bloggers’ feed. Whether if it’s a flamingo print or mustard velvet chair, keeping up with the trends is part of finding out in which direction the modern home interior design and the industry is moving towards. Home interior design trends by Kuldea.

There’s no escaping trends. If you live by them or religiously avoid everything ‘on-trend’ from the paint shades to furniture choices, everything designed for our homes is influenced by a trend that goes beyond a coffee table in the ‘right’ shape or sofa in the ‘right’ colour.

These are the home interior design trends to embrace in 2020 (and beyond) by Kuldea.

Trend 1) All the pretty pinks

It doesn’t need to be the brightest available, you can choose to go for the barely noticeable option. Houseology is a great example here, leading with this luxurious look and inviting you to introduce new season style into your home with the latest designer furniture collections. Featuring statement chandeliers, plush velvet seating and contemporary wall art and more…

When choosing to go pink, it can only be an item or two…

Blush pink is a great statement colour – by adding a more central piece of furniture to your otherwise neutral home, you can make a statement and really bring your space to life.

Trend 2) All the shades of blue

Maisons du Monde Bruges decor trend recaps the home interior decor trend as simple, luxurious, and with a mix of modern and rustic elements. It’s all the blues to grey-ish and silver. Remember to add cosy fabrics!

There are more than 50 shades of blue and this makes it such a perfect home interior trend to apply to your home. Why not take note from this Made retro-classic inspirational mood board…

Trend 3) All the velvet!

We’ve had it trending a while now and the coming year, if anything, it’s going stronger than ever… From cushions to those famous ‘green velvet sofas’….

Notice the blush pink here? As mentioned, it really is so on-trend!

Trend 4) All the sustainable furniture and reclaimed wood

One of a kind pieces of furniture that no one else has. It’s all about sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. Reclaimed wood – each piece is truly individual with its own story to tell.

Trend 5) All the florals

The maximalist style and strong wallpaper is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’… yet, it works so well if it’s just this one wall…

Florals as a home interior design trend – there are many options to choose from. It might just be an armchair for your conservatory or home office to make a neat reading spot or a decorative bedspread for your bedroom… Go bold, or not, these here are our favourites…

It can only be the bedding if this is what you want!

These are some of the biggest trends to look out for this coming year. For daily interior inspiration follow us on Instagram and Pinterest. If you wish to be less trend-dependent read our “Traditional home style pieces that are worth the investment”. If you are looking to buy furniture for your home, Kuldea it! On Kuldea you can search, discover, compare and shop furniture products across the entire furniture retail market on one website – start here!