Purchasing a sofa is a pretty big deal. A 2017 study by Zoopla even showed that people spend three times longer on their decision to buy a sofa than the home for where it’ll actually end up, so it’s a decision you ideally want to get right the first Deirdre Mc Gettrick profile picturetime around.

Sometimes, we end up loving the style of a sofa, but the fabric is the wrong colour, or the texture doesn’t feel quite right. This doesn’t need to be a problem any longer, as our friends at Out & Out have a wonderful collection of sofas that are made-to-order.

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a new sofa, let me share with you my top 5 reasons why I love the made-to-order sofas from Out & Out!

Ultimate Durability

Ok, time for a quick bit of science. The Martindale Abrasion Test is the industry standard test of fabric’s durability: a Martindale machine places a piece of fabric stretched between two discs. One of these disks oscillates and is covered with an abrasive material, such as a wire mesh or high-quality wool. The more oscillations or “cycles” the material can withstand before starting to show signs of distress, the more durable the material. Domestic fabrics in the UK only need to withstand 20,000 cycles. Out & Out’s made-to-order fabrics can withstand a whopping 50,000, so they’re suitable for heavy-duty, long-term use.

It’s not just the fabric that’s durable though, the sofas’ solid frames are dowelled, stapled and glued with expert craftsmanship, and they aim to last a lifetime! Even with all this, you still get the assurance of a 5-year guarantee.

Extreme comfort

Out & Out are so serious about your comfort, they even have their own “slow-compression cushion technology” to make sure you don’t get backache on those weekend Netflix binging sessions. I spoke to Out & Out about this technology, to ensure your sofa provides the ultimate medium-soft comfort, they use premium grade pocket springs in combination with multi-density foam and fibre wrapping in every cushion. This technology also means that the cushions don’t end up losing their shape, so you don’t end up with saggy cushions that don’t support you properly like the usual foam cushions end up doing.

30-day comfort trial

Buying a sofa online can be a bit scary, without the ability to go and actually test out the sofa it may put some people off, but it absolutely shouldn’t. With Out & Out’s slow-compression cushion technology being sure to provide ultimate comfort, Out & Out also give you a full 30 days to fall in love and if something’s not quite right, you can return it for a full refund.

Fabtastic Fabric

While Out & Out don’t have an extensive fabric collection for you to choose from, they do put a lot of care and thought into their fantastic selection, and everything is hand selected by their upholstery experts. Texture, durability and look are all inspected and only fabrics that pass their high-standards make it to the shortlist. When Out & Out’s experts find a new fabric that meets their requirements, they’ll add to the selection, but only if deemed worthy enough for you! You can request fabric samples as well, so you can get a good feel for them before ordering your sofa.

Cost-Effective Customisation

Many sofas that aren’t customised still require a decent wait between placing the order and delivery, so if you have the time to wait 8-10 weeks for your customised sofa by Out & Out, you can reap more benefits than you may think. Having ready-to-go sofas provides a lot of issues, such as warehouse space and warehousing systems (and the additional high costs of these two factors), the potential for a lot of waste, and additional middlemen. By ordering a customised sofa, you can be assured that time and care is put in to ensure your sofa is made from scratch, just for you. It also cuts out warehousing, saving money which is then passed on to you as the consumer. 

So if a new sofa is on your horizon, take a peek at Out & Out’s gorgeous made-to-order collection, with two and three seaters available, and the ever-popular chaise-sofas, there’s a sofa for everyone, I’m certain you’ll love the range, which you can find here

And for even more peace of mind, before being shipped to you, Out & Out ensures every sofa is 100% quality checked by their expert team, so when it arrives you can put your feet up and enjoy your new sofa, no worries! Send us your snaps of your made-to-order Out & Out sofa, by tagging us in your social media!