After struggling to easily find the right items to furnish her own apartment, Kuldea Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, was inspired to create an online platform to make home shopping as straightforward, efficient and fulfilling as possible. Here, she shares her top tips for decluttering the home, in the easiest way.  

January is officially the beginning of the new year and a new decade. It’s a fresh start and this is often the time when people choose to start their cleanses for the body and soul! As your home is where we spend a lot of time, it sets the tone for your wellbeing and it’s where you wind down after a busy day. It’s time to declutter the home, but where to start?  Here are my top tips to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Have a plan

A clean and tidy home is what we aim to achieve. Think of what you wish your space would look and feel like, make a list and why not create a vision or mood board. This will help you plan your declutter process. Have a look around your house and take note on the larger furniture pieces that can go. Research charities who will benefit from you donating your old items and set a date for them to come and pick up the item(s). 

Think of which area in your home, when neat and tidy, would make the biggest impact? Starting there could be ideal! Or your wardrobe – it’s a good place to start as, let’s face it, there are probably quite a lot of clothes you probably don’t wear because they either don’t fit, are out of style, just worn out or… as lovely as they are, you never ended up wearing. Bite the bullet and donate or recycle these. Keep just the ones that fit you well, you actually wear and items that make you feel the best version of you, and clear everything else out.

Take time – you don’t need to aim to do everything in one go

Decluttering is a rather time-consuming process, to stay motivated and to enjoy the process, do not aim to do everything in one go. Aim to do one decluttering exercise a week – organise the kitchen cabinets in one day and the storage under the stairs on another. You’ll have a clutter-free home in no time! Or spend 20 minutes each day decluttering an area in your home.

The Three Piles system – Bin, Charity, Sell

The Three Piles System (I may have invented a process here!). This is how I describe the way I have successfully decluttered in my home and it’s very much proven to be an effective approach. It’s where you create three piles for the things you no longer need. One is everything you can bin with no regret. The second one, pile or make it a box if you like, is for the things that have plenty of life left in them but don’t serve the purpose in your household any longer. And thirdly, a pile for the things that have value and can be sold. Simple!

Organising and storage

This one is more of a life-hack really! It’s all about the storage space and effective ways to organise your home, a great way to declutter and remain clutter-free. For example, you don’t need to hold on to old paperwork and bank statements that are older than 22 months, according to HMRC and setting up a simple filing system would help you stay organised in the long run. The 22- months rule does not apply to documents that still have value – like insurance documents, etc. Store all of the important documents there and you’ll always know where to find them. Explore Kuldea for more storage options here. 

Ottoman footstools are another great way to achieve a neat feel in the home. They are a good place to chuck items lying around your living spaces – books you’re currently reading, magazines and other items that you still mean to use at some stage. 

Avoid clutter in the future

When you are all done, be sure to have a plan to avoid clutter in the future. This can be doing regular decluttering, especially in the areas that tend to get messy easily, or by aiming to stay disciplined on discretionary spend where you really question whether you should be purchasing items before you buy them.

Although decluttering your home can certainly feel overwhelming, by following these simple tips, I hope you’re able to approach the decluttering project in a much more organised way and feel confident. Find more top tips and inspiration for your home on Kuldea, as well as clever storage furniture