Deirdre Mc Gettrick profileAfter struggling to easily find the right items to furnish her own apartment, Kuldea Co-Founder Deirdre Mc Gettrick was inspired to create an online platform to make home shopping as straightforward, efficient and fulfilling as possible. Here, she talks about the top things to consider when furnishing a conservatory or common room in your home.

If you have recently finished adding an extension to your home, you may be looking for inspiration on how to furnish your conservatory or common room. Whilst it’s great to have a brand-new room added to your house, you might be struggling to know what to put in there to maximise its use and ensure it is somewhere you want to spend time. My top tips on how to furnish your new conservatory or common room are designed to help inspire you before you start your project.

Top tip 1) What do you want to use it for?

A new conservatory or common room is a great way of extending your home and creating more space, but you need to consider what you really want to use it for. Is it somewhere to relax and read a book? Can you envisage the children using it as a playroom? Maybe you want to use it to entertain visitors? You could need it to be multi functional. Whatever the use, you want to consider the furniture and décor as importantly as you would any other room, so space doesn’t become redundant and wasted, or worse, a dumping ground. Don’t be tempted to replicate your living room, and instead use it to extend your living space but offer something a bit different.

Gone are the days when conservatories were flimsy and cold, rattling in the wind. Comfort is key when it comes to furnishing a conservatory, otherwise, you may find you never use it. Whether you want to enjoy the early morning sun or close the curtains and snuggle up to listen to the rain, it can be a great space to have a bit of time out.

Top tip 2) Consider what furniture you want

Choose furniture that blends into your surroundings and makes your new conservatory feel at one with nature, creating a tranquil space to inspire you whilst benefiting from lots of natural light. A big, squishy armchair will make it an attractive spot to reflect, offering a light space with a connection to the outside world, enabling you to enjoy your garden all year round. A comfortable armchair offers an easy way to add extra living space and is the perfect place for views out to your garden and beyond. If you need more help deciding what sort of armchair might suit your conservatory, then read our top tips here.

Rattan style furniture can look great in a conservatory, offering a natural look which blends in with the outside.

A coffee table or side table is essential if you want your conservatory to be somewhere to entertain guests, or if you are going to spend any length of time there. It’s often the key focal point to a room and can be multi-functional, used for storage, a dinner table, drinks holder, work station, footrest or extra seating. This is particularly important if you are hoping to use your conservatory for multi-functional purposes, such as work, relaxation and entertaining. Read my top tips for help choosing the right coffee table for your conservatory.

If you want your conservatory to be multi-functional then consider how you can quickly and easily transform it from one use to another. For example, if children are using it for play during the day, but you want to use it for work or relaxation during the evening, then consider using storage places to tidy toys away and out of sight, particularly if you want to transform the space to entertain visitors. For more top tips on how to accommodate holiday guests, read my top tips here. 

When choosing furniture opt for something hard-wearing that won’t bleach in the natural light. Flooring needs to be easily cleaned, such as stone or laminate, as you may have dirty shoes traipsing in and out to the garden.

Top tip 3) Benefit from the healing power of plants

Bring the outside inside with lots of lush green pot plants displayed informally in pots, creating a calming oasis and adding character to your conservatory. There are also huge health benefits to having plants inside your home. They absorb the bad air and carbon dioxide, helping oxygenate your home; they present illnesses such as sore throats, dry skin, colds and coughs; they clean the air and reduce pollution; and they help improve your productivity, improving concentration and memory, making your conservatory a great place to work if you fill it with beautiful greenery.

A flower pot stand, shelf, or wall shelves, both give you ways of displaying plants at various levels, inviting nature into your home.

Top tip 4) Offer a variety of seating options

Offering a variety of seating options will not only enable you to use your new space in a multi-purpose way, it will also encourage other people to use it. If you have visitors, the conservatory could end up as a redundant space if there aren’t suitable seating options. Whereas if you provide chairs and a table to put drinks on it will instantly offer an extension to your living space, allowing visitors to congregate and chat somewhere which is equally as inviting as your living room.

As well as a sofa or armchair, you could offer beanbags or even a swinging seat if you have the space.

Top tip 5) Bring the outside inside with the décor

A conservatory is not only an extension to your living space, but also an extension of your garden. It is a way to bring the outside inside, offering somewhere comfortable to enjoy your garden without actually being outside if the weather doesn’t allow it. When it comes to decorating your conservatory, bear this in mind, and create a fresh feel with botanical or floral prints in different shades of green, combined with white for a light, natural look.

Use soft furnishings to brighten up your conservatory and make it feel cosy. Colourful blinds and cushions can add interest and character and can easily be changed if you want to update the look. A fluffy rug on the floor can instantly add warmth, also creating a focal point to the room in which to position the furniture around.

Fairy lights or pretty lanterns can offer the perfect way to light up your conservatory when darkness falls, creating an intimate, cosy feel in the evenings.

Hopefully, these tops tips help you with furnishing your conservatory or common room. If you’re looking for more top tips and advice on how to furnish your home be sure to sign up to Kuldea to receive these regularly to your inbox. Remember, be sure to take advantage of Kuldea by using our market-leading furniture search engine to find amazing furniture products all in one place.