Injecting style into a small space can be a real challenge, but with a little extra thought,  you can make the most of each square foot and create a home that’s as stunning as it is practical! Read through our tips and discover multifunctional furniture and design ideas to transform your small space.

Top tip 1) Keep it simple

Don’t over complicate your décor but stick to a colour palette that you can update over time as and when trends change. Sleek metallics and neutral tones can be just as homely as an eclectic feel, take your inspiration from Scandi and Japanese styles. Try not to be too trend-led and be confident that your basics will see you through, and opt for neutral woods and classic designs.

Top tip 2) Get organised

Savvy storage is key to making a small space feel clear of clutter. Make use of baskets, warehouse-style shelving or an open unit to keep things ordered and free some floor space. Making a design aspect of your storage solutions is a great way to make space feel like yours while still being practical.

Top tip 3) Embrace mirrors!

Adding reflective surfaces is the easiest way to open up a tiny space. Mount a mirror as big at the wall to double the visible space in the room or keep the shiny surfaces on your furniture to reflect light – a bright room always feels bigger. If you’re short
on windows or in a garden flat window mirrors are a great way to mimic the effects. Try adding a warm lamp opposite the mirror so the light is reflected within it on dark evenings, creating a soft glow all around the room.

Top tip 4) Think multifunctional

The trick when you have to decorate a small space is not just to choose small furniture, but more so to opt for multifunctional furniture. A footstool that doubles as storage, a dining table that folds into a cabinet or a coffee table with a swivel
tray; you can win back some space!

Top tip 5) Go vertical

Keep your precious square footage free and reach greater heights with wall-mounted storage in little nooks around your home. Opt for shelves rather than a sideboard to save on feeling crowded by furniture. Choose wall lights rather than awkwardly large floor lamps and make the most of the entire space you have. You can even use a vacant wall as a workspace, mount the desk and shelves above it to tuck away a small study.

Top tip 6) Make Modules

If your space is small, it’ll need to function for a multitude of occasions so divide the room to fit these. Use room screens or position furniture to set aside different spaces, or use rugs to mark your living room out from your dining space.

Top tip 7) Add texture

What about playing with the small surroundings to create a warm and snuggly cocooning atmosphere? Soft furnishings are key here. Get plenty of cushions, layer up your bed with a throw made of a large woollen knit, enjoy the comfort of a faux fur rug and for a little extra fun, pile up futons as a sofa or bed.

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