Searching furniture products online is easy on Kuldea. Kuldea brings the entire furniture retail market into one website where people can search, discover, compare and shop the perfect furniture products for their home.

Here our team at Kuldea provides you with 8 top tips on how to use Kuldea when searching furniture products for your own home. You’ll learn about how to apply search for what you need, apply favourites to products you love, set sales alerts so you never miss a sales opportunity, build product collections to manage home furnishing projects and how to set up and manage your account.

Kuldea desktop home page: Search and compare furniture across the market in one place

Top tip 1) Searching on Kuldea

Finding perfect furniture items for your home is easy on Kuldea. To search a product, you can either use the search bar located at the top of your screen or enter into a product search either the Products or Rooms categories. Once you’ve reached the types of products you want buy then you can become really specific by applying search filters which will narrow down to specific furniture items that meet you need.

Top tip 2) How to favourite furniture products on Kuldea

It’s easy to favourite furniture products that you love on Kuldea. To favourite a product simply click the ‘Love Heart’ icon that is listed on furniture product. When you first do this, you’ll be prompted to either sign up to an account or to login to your account. Once you’ve done this you’ll be logged in and can favourite as many products as you want. You’ll note that favourited products will be shown by the ‘Love Heart’ being fully coloured.

The furniture products you favourite will appear in the favourites section of the website where you can access and manage them easily. To unfavourite a product simply click the ‘Love Heart’ icon and it will remove the full colour from the icon and remove the product from the favourites section.

Top tip 3) Setting sales alerts

Everyone loves finding a bargain and Kuldea’s sales alert button allows you to track your favourite furniture products and receive immediate notifications if and when they go on sale. To set a sales alert simply ensure you’re signed up and logged in to your Kuldea account and then select the ‘Bell’ icon that is listed on the furniture product. Once you’ve done this you’ll note the ‘Bell’ icon will be fully coloured and you’ll see the sales alert section of the website has furniture products added to it.

You can manage all your sales alerts through the sales alerts section of the website and to remove a sales alert you only need to click the ‘Bell’ icon. The product will then be removed from the sales alert section and the ‘Bell’ will no longer be fully coloured.

Top tip 4) How to create and build a furniture collection

Once you favourite a furniture product on Kuldea you then have the ability to create and build collections to your liking. Whether you’re completing a room renovation or searching for the perfect furniture product, you can place furniture into specific collections. You do this by logging in to your account and entering the favourites section where you will see a new icon ‘Folder’ icon on the product listing. By clicking on the ‘Folder’ icon you will then by able to create a collection and name it as you wish or, if you already have collections created, you can add the product to an existing collection.

An example of this may be furnishing your living room as a project, you can create a collection called living rooms and place your specific living room favourites into the room collection. Follow the ‘Folder’ icon to place furniture products in collections. You’ll be able to enter the collections section of the website by going back to the top of the screen and clicking on collections. The will bring you into the collections section where you can enter in and out of collections, add and remove furniture products and share collections via social media, Whatsapp or email.

Top tip 5) Sharing furniture products

You have the ability to share products via Kuldea to simplify the process of communicating and collaborating on products you love. On furniture products listed on Kuldea you will see an ‘Airplane’ icon that when clicked allows you to share via email, facebook, Whatsapp, twitter and Pinterest as part of your furniture discovery process.

Top tip 6) What are Top Tips and Inspiration on Kuldea

Kuldea is here to help you with Top Tips and Inspiration for your home. Kuldea collaborates with home interior and furniture industry experts, retail partners and has regular contributions from Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick to regularly share articles.

You have the ability to share Top Tips and Inspiration articles from Kuldea with others which can be done via email, facebook, Whatsapp, twitter and Pinterest as part of your furniture discovery process.

Top tip 7) Managing your account

Under ‘My Account’ you can manage and control all your preferences in one place. To personalise how Kuldea can help you, you have the option to enter more details about yourself and your requirements. This will help Kuldea ensure the right articles are being shared with you. With ‘My Account’ you also have the ability to manage your password, email address and also close your account if you wish.

Top tip 8) Follow and engage with Kuldea on social media

Connect with Kuldea through social media and become part of our growing community of people passionate about furnishing their home. Access Kuldea through facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter and Youtube. Be sure to join our facebook community group for the opportunity to access and share ideas with passionate home interior design people just like yourself.

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