As important as furniture is to your home, it’s those little extra accessories that really make it homely. From candles to bedding, vases to doormats you can be sure to find a whole array of beautiful decorations from partners such as The French Bedroom Company, Laura Ashley, Cox and Cox, My Furniture, Darlings of Chelsea, Homelia and more!

Bedding and Towels

According to the 2018 UK sleep study by Chemist4U and Nanu 1, the average person in the UK sleeps between 5.78 and 6.83 hours per night (a mean of 379.4 minutes), while that may be 100.6 minutes less than recommended, it’s still approximately 2,308 hours in bed a year, so you deserve to have bedding that’s going to help you sleep soundly all night! Whether you lie on your front, back or side, get too hot in the night or struggle to keep warm, there’s a wide variety of different materials and
densities to help you get the sleep you deserve.

As for towels, even if you’re a Monica with 11 towel categories, we’ve got you covered there too… Everyday use, Fancy, Guest, Fancy guest…


Mirror, mirror on the wall…or floor…or sideboard… the mirror is a wonderful accessory that creates an illusion of additional light and space. Check your home for any dark areas and position the mirror to allow the natural light from your windows to reflect into the area to help brighten it up.

With the reflection of the room, it’ll also help to make it seem larger! As well as providing a place for that all-important last-minute “have I got anything in my teeth” check, the mirror is an absolute must-have purchase for your home.


Art is a wonderful way to bring your favourite hobbies, movies, places, sayings, colours or even animals into your home and really tell a story about who you are. Or perhaps you just really like this one piece for no particular reason, but it just looks fierce with the colour scheme of your living room; whether you think art is subjective or not, we like what we like, and that’s totally fine!

If you’re thinking about purchasing art for your home, read this article by Kuldea co-founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, with Lorraine Aaron, Director and Co-Founder of Curious Egg. It’s full of great advice, pointing you towards what to consider when buying art for your home.


If you have hard floors rather than carpets and you want to add a pop of colour or design, protect your floors and keep your tootsies warm all at the same time, then treat yourself to a rug. It will also really help bring your room together!

From soft dense piles that create a luxurious feel to hand-woven textures giving your room a really stylish look, there are over 3,500 rugs to choose from on Kuldea, the perfect rug is just a click (and maybe a few scrolls) away!

Vases and Bowls

The Flowers & Plants Association stated that the UK’s flower and indoor plant market is worth £2.2bn, and with so many benefits such as lowering your stress levels, increased work productivity, lowering blood pressure and making you feel happier, it’s easy to see why house plants are becoming so popular!

Make sure you showcase your plants in a vase as beautiful as they are, and with the huge array of designs available on Kuldea, you can find one to fit in with your current home décor or have it as more of a statement piece, like this gorgeous mermaid style vase from Furniture in Fashion


Of course, we all know clocks don’t magically make any of us arrive anywhere on time, but whether you’re an early bird, bang on time or a “better late than never” kind of person, you can be sure that there’s a beautiful clock for any of your rooms on Kuldea.

You can use for timekeeping purposes or just as something gorgeous to look at! We personally prefer both!


Yes to cushions! Add a couple of cushions and a throw to your sofa and in with those Autumn/Winter evenings. Comfort guaranteed when you want to snuggle up and watch Netflix. You’ll be so comfortable you’ll want to start preparing all your snacks beforehand, so you don’t have to move.

Or, in the summer, when you’ve got friends over to chill in the garden, outdoor floor cushions with a picnic blanket makes a great seating area. You can also find bench cushions to help protect your posterior while you host your dinner parties that continue long into the night…

Picture Frames

Picture frames are such a great way to display important photos from your life, and now people are using them to almost create their own art installation in their home. Using different size and shape hanging frames, you can create a unique pattern on the wall and really draw attention to the photos in your frames…or buy a frame that does it for you like this one from Maisons du Monde:

…or finish the decoration of your sideboard or shelves with some photos of your loved ones in a stylish standing frame, like this one here:


Help keep your floors cleaner for longer by placing a doormat by the entrances and exits so as much dirt and moisture is absorbed from your shoes as possible before you enter, especially if you have little ones or a dog that can’t resist running straight through your home!


If your floor or bannister on your stairs usually ends up as a coatrack (guilty), check and see if you might have room to pop some hooks up by your front door or under your stairs to give a proper place to hang your coats and save your floor becoming a trip hazard!

If you love accessories, go for a hook and shelf set, pop some baskets on top and you have the perfect storage for your gloves, hats and scarfs!

Coat Stands

Now, hooks are great for helping to get your day-to-day coats organised, but if you have the space, a coat stand can add an extra level to your organisation as most provide a place to store your umbrella. Also, they often come with built-in seats that double up as a storage bench, they can also be referred to as a hallway tree.

Make your home extra special, take a look at all these beautiful home accessories, all available on Kuldea, here.