The bed, one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll purchase since we spend about 2,555 hours a year* using them (that’s just over 106 days annually), but they also have the ability to be more than just a bed. Whether you’re looking for a bed for when guests visit, or something special to create your own bedroom sanctuary, Kuldea has the bed of your dreams, so let’s have a look at the designs you can choose from!

Divan Bed

Divan beds are typically made up of a wooden boxed frame base, decorated with various different fabric designs and is usually paired with a mattress specifically for the bed. The base separates in half and latches together for stability, and normally have drawers in one of the halves. One of the great things about the divan bed is due to the base separating in two, it’s great for people who live in flats/apartments, or have interestingly shaped hallways, as it makes for much easier delivery.


If your bed is in tip-top condition, but your bedroom could do with a glow-up, why not look at just replacing your headboard! Add a touch of luxury with a beautifully upholstered headboard, or a solid wooden headboard for a Scandinavian feel, there’s plenty of designs to suit the style of room you’ve been designing.

Sofa Beds

Perfect for when you have guests to stay, but don’t have space for an extra double bed, the sofa bed is a great space saver! Sofa for general day to day use, then fold down into a bed when people stay over, simple and effective!

Chair Beds

Like the sofa bed, but smaller!


Kids Beds

Make bedtime exciting and give your children a bed that they want to spend longer in with a bed shaped like a tepee, race car, tractor or castle! If your little tyke has more toys that Smyths, perhaps a bunkbed with super storage solutions could help save your floor of the extra clutter. Perhaps your child gets the biggest smile when they’re at the park, so check out our bunk bed with incorporated slides! Just want a standard bed for your littlun? We’ve got those too!

Ottoman/Storage Beds

Keep your bedroom clear of clutter with a bed that has its own storage built-in. Use the space to store additional bed linen and towels, your off-season wardrobe, or even your Christmas decorations, just enjoy that extra room you’ve gained!

Loft Beds and Bunk Beds

The bunk bed is a very versatile bed, a two-bed bunk bed makes a wonderful addition to child’s bedroom if they need to share with a sibling, or a social butterfly having sleepovers with their friends. Perhaps a top bunk bed, with a desk and storage underneath is better for your studious teen? There are so many options available for your future bed on stilts, you can even have your top bunk disguised as a treehouse to make bedtime irresistible!

Adjustable Beds

Get your best night sleep with an adjustable bed. These beds are wonderful for people who need a bit of extra TLC at night to ease into a comfortable sleep or need a bit of support when getting out of bed, or just appreciate a little extra splash of luxury! There’s also no need to worry about upsetting your partners sleep either if you go for the double bed option, each side adjusts
separately for maximum comfort. Just make sure you check which mattresses are suitable before you purchase.

TV Beds

If weekend lie-ins with a movie are what gets you through your week at work, then treat yourself to one of these beds with an integrated TV that conveniently raises from the foot of the bed whenever you decide to have a TV binge for the ultimate Netflix and chill! As an additional feature, these beds also are available in the ottoman form, so there’s plenty of additional storage available for your winter wardrobe!

Guest Beds

Whatever the size of your home, if you love having friends stay over there’s a guest bed to suit your requirements! An airbed is perfect for infrequent guests who like a firm bed to sleep on (and an additional bonus for those who enjoy camping trips), and for those that have the floor and storage space, and like their guests to have a mattress, a fold-out bed is a great option.

Day Beds

A mash-up of a sofa, bed and chaise longue, the day bed takes the form of a sofa for the most part, but can also be transformed easily into a bed, with some having a pull-out option to make into a double. A day bed can dressed to be a cosy daily nook to read, relax or nap with luxurious throws and cushions, and look great in a spare bedroom, lounge, study or if you’re lucky to have a spacious home, wherever you bloomin’ we’ll want! We even have an outdoor selection to make your garden feel like you’re sunning yourself by a gorgeous pool in Greece.

Bed Frames

Wooden, metal, upholstered, single, double, king and queen – if you just want to have a look and not quite sure what you’re after, have a browse here to get some inspiration!

So as you can see, a bed isn’t always just a bed and can provide more than just a place to sleep – they’re a hiding space for kid’s hide and seek, a place for your best friend from Australia to sleep when she comes to visit, they’re a place to cuddle with your dog and watch Absolutely Fabulous on Netflix, and a place to store all your Love Island-inspired bikinis and summer wear. To begin your search, just click here! For more bedroom-inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

*calculated on 7 hours sleep a night