Black Friday is the ultimate time to score on great savings and offers right before the holiday season. Whether you have recently bought a home, you’re refurbishing your home or just wish to update the look and feel of your home, it’s the perfect time to save on some key furniture pieces. Most retailers are holding special offers and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choice!

To avoid overspending and buying things you don’t really need and don’t fit your home-style, we have pulled together our top tips to help you enter the Black Friday sales with clear goals in mind to make the most of it!

Top tip 1) Have a clear plan

Whether you are decorating for Christmas entertaining, or you’re in the middle of a bigger project like refurbishing the whole house, you must have an idea of what you wish to accomplish and which items you need to add to your home interior to achieve the desired outcome. This is the key to staying organised. Read more top tips on furnishing your house to help with the planning process.

Know your space and what you wish the outcome to be – write it all down, make a list. Are you in the need for a new sofa for the lounge, dining chairs and or a modern-style coffee table?  The more detail you add, the better the outcome as the additional information helps you avoid those ‘impulse’ purchases.

Top tip 2) Do your research

After you have analysed your wants and needs and turned them into a list of items needed, it’s time for research! Know the items that are worth the investment and what’s contemporary and on-trend.

Instagram and Pinterest are a great place for inspiration and ideas. Connecting with interior bloggers and with profiles similar to yours – first-time buyers or the ones in the middle of a full-on refurbishment project… Either way, it’s always a good idea to engage with people and profiles you like, comment or message them directly (you know, slide into their DMs) if you like what they have done with their homes. You might just get some great advice and tips right there!

Kuldea is the best place to keep up with all your favourite furniture retailers, as well as discovering new fantastic furniture and retailers you had no idea existed! Kuldea, the Home for Furniture Discovery, is making furnishing your home as straightforward, efficient and fulfilling as possible.

Top tip 3) Use Kuldea Collections tool

On Kuldea, you can search, discover, compare and shop furniture products across the entire furniture retail market on one website. The best feature is our Collections tool! You can favourite the furniture items and then organise them into Collections by whatever metric – room, product type, colour etc. And it’s all shoppable, the items click through to the retailer directly, where you can make the purchase.  More tips and tricks here for using Kuldea. Kuldea is aiming to make furniture shopping as easy as possible.

Should you need a second opinion, you can easily share your freshly created (Black Friday) Collection with your partner or a friend via email. Checking out is made simple, all you need to do is to click ‘Buy from Retailer’ and you’ll be taken onto the retailer’s website where you can complete your purchase.

Top tip 4) Set sale alerts

Our final top tip is to keep an eye out for the sale announcements and live-dates (and times) for Black Friday offers! The easiest way to keep on top of this is Kuldea! Simply by setting ‘Sale alert’ on the items you love. As the item goes on sale, you will receive a notification straight to your inbox. Also, check in to Kuldea Sale section, where we will be showcasing the best offers across the entire UK market!

Our Black Friday top tips are guaranteed to allow you to capitalise from your Black Friday Sales shopping efforts this year. Also, sign up to our newsletter, where you’ll receive regular top tips and interior design inspiration, furniture sale offers and much, much more (take that as our top tip number five, that has value past the Black Friday weekend). Start your preparations today, create a furniture Collection of your own and browse Kuldea for furniture online!