Summer is here and the season style is upon us. Luxurious home furniture retailer, The French Bedroom Company, share with us this year’s blousy bloom home style to create the perfect feel for your home during the warmer months.

Danish design meets French fancy

From a French fancy to a Danish, The French Bedroom Company’s summer collection has your interior taste buds tickled. Introducing the latest additions to their luxury, home accessories collection from Danish interior design house Au Maison.

Blousy blooms side table, art and rub with a flower arrangement

Beauty, elegance and quality

With beauty, elegance and quality at the core, The French Bedroom Company’s curated collection by Au Maison is an explosion of vibrancy and bold blooms. Perfect for statement-making summer style.

Table lamp with blousy bloom lamp shade in modern and elegant setting

Add a touch of drama or pop of colour

Whether it’s a touch of drama for a maximalist room or a pop of colour for modern home the Au Maison collection packs a powerful, interiors punch.

Blousy blooms dark cushion with flowery summer themes

Accessorize your home with elegant themes throughout

Be sure to adorn your home with elegant themes throughout co-ordinating accessories across rooms and creating contrasts that catch the eye.

Accessorized living space with cushions, sofa, vase and a pouffe that are elegant

The French Bedroom Company proudly brings you blousy blooms and many other styles to suit your home throughout summer and every other season of the year. Click here to shop their beautiful range of home furniture or continue inspiring your home style and furniture search on Kuldea with more amazing home articles.