We at Kuldea are absolutely loving some of the creativity our partners are showing at the moment while we’re all confined to our own four walls, so we’d like to shine the spotlight on our friends at Claire Gaudion, who are offering their services to help you create your own mood board, for free!

“While we are all spending more time living and working at home, you might be looking around and wondering how you can improve your environment. Are you planning some DIY over the coming weeks
while staying at home, or are you simply in need of some colourful design distraction?”  – Claire Gaudion

Staying busy at the moment and being positive is key, especially for our mental health, and Claire Gaudion are encouraging people to share ideas, collaborate with others and start new projects to help us through this difficult time. That is why they have launched this Collaborative Mood board Project, completely free of charge.

Claire Gaudion, in the spirit of collaboration and bringing the design community together, have brought together a whole collaborative team, from product designers, interior designers to  interiors/lifestyle photographers etc. to ensure your personalised mood board will provide plenty of inspiration to give you the inspiration you need to give your home a boost!

So how does it work? Claire Gaudion will ask you to answer a few questions to get to know you a little and give some insight into your personal preferences and taste. Then they will get to work creating your personalised mood board full of inspiration tailored to your specifications. It’s that easy!

So if, like us, you can’t wait to get started on your free personalised mood board by Claire Gaudion, then click here to get started right now… Claire Gaudian mood boardClaire Gaudian mood board