Do you catch yourself idly daydreaming of original flagstone flooring? Or of looking out of your bedroom window to see rolling fields? Perhaps you imagine a traditional farmhouse country kitchen with a table big enough to seat the whole family, or a cosy living room with a roaring fire?

While the reality of owning a beautiful house in the countryside doesn’t always come to fruition, there are many ways that you can create a timeless, country-inspired home, wherever your life may be. From pretty-painted furniture to vintage-inspired home accessories in textures of seagrass and real wood, to irresistibly cosy cushions and throws – perfect for the bedroom and living room.

Beautiful country furniture for your hallway

Whether you enter your home through the back door into a hallway frequented with odd shoes and school bags, through the front door into a longer hallway leading on to the staircase, or into a more modest hallway that is a little limited on space; it is the part of your house that welcomes you home when you close the door. That’s why we believe this area shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten, and why introducing rustic, timeless storage solutions will help to make your welcome home exactly that – welcoming.

For the big, and the not so big, we have a range of clutter-free solutions – perfect for giving shoes a home, bags a hook and keys a designated drawer.

Inspiring country furniture for your living room

Creating a cosy living room is perhaps one of the first steps if you’re looking to bring a little bit of the countryside into your home. That scene of relaxing by the fire or snuggled up on the sofa with a good book isn’t determined by 200-year old beams, big sash windows and an inglenook fireplace though, but rather by the relaxed and timeless feeling you create with texture, pattern and colour. So, whether you look out onto scenic fields, your back garden or the next-door neighbour’s kitchen, try mixing prints and natural fabrics – like jute, wool and rattan – to create a rustic and country-inspired living room.

While florals, checks and stripes will continue to rank high in the country-inspired print stakes, nature prints are a great way to bring the outside in too.

Discover your perfect country kitchen

Fondly referred to as the heart of the home for many of us – it is the room where family and friends congregate, where great feasts are cooked and where that all-important morning cuppa is sleepily prepared. It is the room we dream about designing and perfecting in a bid to create a beautiful country kitchen seen so often in magazines and on TV. Shaker-style cabinets, marble worktops, a space-saving larder filled with jars and homemade preserves, a beautiful butler sink and kitchen dresser adorned with your best china, are all wonderfully characteristic of a true country kitchen.

Even introducing a few vintage-inspired accessories will help to create that covetable scene of a country kitchen though, wherever your home may be.

Stunning country furniture pieces for the dining room

For those special occasions and Sunday roasts, there’s nothing better than gathering around the dining table for good food and a good catch-up. Sometimes it can feel as though we don’t have time to sit at the table, and that life tends to get in the way, but making time to sit down and enjoy each other’s company is important – and is made even better around a traditional farmhouse table.

Exquisite furniture for a country bedroom

It’s the room where we go to relax, to unwind, fall into a sleepy slumber before a new day dawns and spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Painted furniture will help to create a soft and neutral base and complements both light and dark-coloured walls; while cushions and throws offer a cosy and tempting spot to retreat following a long day.

Wherever you call home, it’s easy to introduce a little slice of the countryside. Investing in a few country-inspired accessories can be inexpensive yet equally effective. Baskets, for example, offer a wonderful storage solution for those can’t-throw-away knick knacks, house plants or paperwork.

Fill the home with divine country home accessories

Perhaps most importantly though, remember that a real country home is lived-in, content and wonderfully imperfect too.

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