Bedrooms can get cramped quickly but with some careful planning and a dash of inspiration you can easily maximise a small bedroom’s potential. Maisons du Monde specialise in furniture for small space bedrooms that deliver style and function. Here this list 5 key ideas for people to consider.

Iceberg Fabric vintage button headboard by Maisons du Monde

Iceberg Fabric vintage button headboard

Keep it bright and airy!

White and neutral shades give the impression of a much larger room and make it feel open rather than cramped or cluttered. Par back the basics with white furniture and walls, you can always add pops of colour to give it some personality. Or if colour isn’t your thing add some dimension with subtle patterns and texture, texture, texture.

Ica - Beige Cotton Cushion Cover with Print and Pom Poms by Maisons du Monde

Ica – Beige Cotton Cushion Cover with Print and Pom Poms

Make the most of the space you do have and optimise your walls

Mount bedside lights on the wall and you won’t have a cluttered nightstand or the need for one at all! Shelves make a great alternative to bulky bedside tables too and with it all out in the open you’ll have to keep it neat and tidy.

Flora gold metal wall lamp by Maisons du Monde

Flora gold metal wall lamp

Storage is tricky in a small bedroom so get creative!

There might not be space for a bookcase so go with open shelves, or a free-standing rail where a wardrobe can’t fit or use stacks of baskets which can tuck away when not in use– whatever your style there’s a solution.

Hanging Rack with Drawers by Maisons du Monde

Hanging Rack with Drawers

Add a mirror!

The perfect wall décor for any small bedroom a large mirror to reflect light and space to open up the room. A large frame above the bed or positioned opposite the wall will transform your bedroom and help create a serene, restful environment.

Stratford Black Metal Mirror by Maisons du Monde

Stratford Black Metal Mirror

Use the bedframe!

Don’t waste any space and incorporate shelves into your headboard with one like these two – a clever way to find a place for everything. Or opt for a bed with hidden storage underneath for those bits and bobs you don’t need every day.

Canopy Solid Oak Headboard with Storage by Maisons du Monde

Canopy Solid Oak Headboard with Storage

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