Kuldea Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, is intensely passionate about home style. Here she looks at Boho & Artisanal Chic style which is sweeping through the world of interior design.

Taking their cue from the world of fashion, bohemian interiors with fabulous artisan accents are back with a bang this year and are more vibrant and sumptuous than ever.

Exotic, opulent, with eclectic textiles and plenty of colour, the boho style of decorating is one of the big current interior trends.

Derived from the term ‘bohemian homeless’, boho is all about expressing a particular mind-set that embraces a free-spirited, boundless way of life. ‘Chic’, of course, is about reflecting this carefree vibe with class, which is where the artisanal element finds its way into a new generation of more stylistically designed homes, integrating superior quality and highly unique craftsmanship.

Boho rooms look relaxed and full of originality; they effortlessly fuse alluring designs and colour palettes with handcrafted details and unrestrained whimsicality, whilst still radiating a touch of glamour.

The important thing is that the feeling of individuality supersedes any standard decorating ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’ … an interior that embraces boho-chic contains unconventional displays and colourful collections, and is a place where personal style and free expression can shine.


Bohemian rooms tend to be full of unusual furniture collected over time. Reclaimed second-hand and vintage items work beautifully in these spaces, and shapes and sizes aren’t nearly as important as they are in other trends. Think handmade and individual, not mass-produced and generic – each piece should be a bespoke, high-quality find that acts as a long-term treasure, telling a special story no matter what it looks like.

Graham & Green Chantilly Washed Armoire

Soft furnishings

Boho-chic is all about breaking from the humdrum of decorating norms and nowhere is this more true than with soft furnishings. Imagine an explosion of colour and pattern flowing together through a brilliant exhibition of deep rugs, opulent drapes, tousled throws and sentimental accent items, all layered together to create a dishevelled but thoughtful dimension to your room.

Homelia Gallery Paracas EMB Cushion Burnt Orange/ Green


There are no rules when it comes to this style of decorating, but don’t shy away from bright, bold colours, or selecting shades that wouldn’t necessarily mix together in a predictable way; a tip to remember though is that stark whites and cool grey tones will be alien in a bohemian room and are best avoided.

The key is to think warm – earthy hues like brown, terracotta, yellow ochre and gold are common, teamed with flora, fauna and plenty of texture. Luxuriant metallics and jewel tones like palatial purple, blazing orange and electric blue often make appearances in accessories like cushions, tapestries and wall art.

Graham & Green Eliz Bone Inlay Coffee Table


Bohemian decorating is for those who want their homes full of life and culture, with an abundant assemblage of interesting items and accessories accessible for others to see. It is all about creating a space that reflects the inner, expressive you, so sentimental – but complementary ­– keepsakes, relics, mismatched knick-knacks, photographs and handmade collectables are prevalent.

Gallery Dixon Metal Wire Set of Baskets in Copper


Materials in this style of the room should be mixed, matched and layered. Fabrics have a subtle but deliberately worn look and are teamed with contrarily shimmering silks, velvets and chenille. Fringing and tassels on pillows, bedspreads, curtains and lampshades feature heavily, as do exotic embellishments such as shisha mirrors, applique or beading. Artisanal furniture can be a mix of natural untreated wood set against polished, painted or distressed finishes – anything goes in a boho interior!

Maisons du Monde Alcobaca Cotton Throw, Yellow/ Grey

Statement pieces

Continuing the highly distinctive feel of a boho room, a key statement piece that draws attention is a trademark of this style. Even if you want to introduce a gentle touch of artisanal warmth to an otherwise more conventional space, a bright and colourful unique piece like a rug, wall hanging, striking piece of art, oversized potted plant or ornate freestanding lamp can easily inject an instant boho dimension into your home.

Graham & Green Large Round Foil Mirror

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