The luxe look is a modern take on luxury interior design and combines timeless classic styles, beautiful materials and sophisticated detailing to create spaces that exude opulence and glamour.

Inspired by boutique hotel rooms, the luxe look seeks to emulate the enviable design features you might enjoy during an extravagant weekend away, with statement décor, sumptuous linen and ambient lighting.

Although undeniably lavish, the extent to which you choose to introduce this style into your home is hugely variable. Whilst it can aspire to the heights of extreme grandeur, softer details ensure that the look isn’t overstated, helping you achieve a highly refined, balanced and elegant interior.


When creating a luxe interior, stand-out furniture is crucial and beautifully crafted pieces with classic shapes and bold forms feature strongly in a boutique-styled room. Whether you’re transforming a living room, bedroom or hallway interior, furniture with sophisticated lines and luxurious materials are the signature of this style, and classics are often paired with more contemporary detailing and accents.

Key pieces include oversized button-back armchairs, sofas with deep and comfortable seats, extra tall stud-detailed headboards, elegant chaise lounges, plush pouffes, ottomans, console tables, chests, sideboards, upholstered feature chairs, dressing tables and showy side tables. Furniture is frequently found in polished metallic, smoked glass and shiny chrome to balance timeless style with a hint of ostentation and modern sophistication.


Although the luxe look is undoubtedly a showstopper, when it comes to the colour palette, simple and understated often works best to allow other elements such as furniture and fabrics to take centre stage.

Eye-catching combinations are established through contrasting bright colours with more muted tones; smart neutrals teamed with a single bright accent colour can really lift a scheme without becoming too garish. Grey, in varying shades, dominates the current luxe colour spectrum and creates an elegant canvas against which vibrant yellows, dusky pinks or chalky lilac hues can be beautifully paired to create hotel-worthy glamour.

For a more seasonal luxe scheme, rich reds, navy, deep aqua and plum shades are perfect for a look of ultimate sophistication. If you like imposing and impactful, a touch of high-gloss black will inject contemporary drama.


Luxury interior design is defined by the materials that feature in the scheme. Choose rich fabrics such as sumptuous crushed velvet, metallic taffeta, glossy satin and comfortable cashmere that invite you to relax and enjoy the space. For your furniture and accessories, select beautiful timbers, subtly gleaming surfaces, mirrored finishes, or even a sprinkle of sparkling diamanté, to create a design aesthetic that exudes prestige.

Wallcoverings can be the centrepiece to your room, and creating a single feature wall adds character and a distinctive level of class – large floral patterns, bold swirls and glitter wallpaper with a tactile effect are strong boutique trends at the moment.

Soft furnishings

The soft furnishings that are used in luxe interiors are seriously sumptuous and opulent, with glitzy fabrics, strong prints and pops of vivid colour.

This style is one that invites you to truly immerse yourself; try adding lots of richly printed cushions to sofas and choosing chairs in a mixture of fabrics for tactility, whilst keeping curtains, drapes and lampshades slightly more muted for a classy look. Soft furnishings should be arranged in a deliberate and highly stylised way – no random ‘scattering’ or dishevelment is allowed!

With hotel style at its roots, bedding is of huge importance to the luxe look. Dress your bed with high-quality linen that includes layers of crisp pillows, throws and cushions, carefully curated to form an impressive focal point in the bedroom.


The boutique room is noticeably free from clutter, with each component strategically placed and spaciously displayed for ultimate impact. Shiny and statement is the name of the game when it comes to accessories, with mirrors, frames, candlesticks, bowls, cutlery and vases in a combination of glass, silver metallic, copper, brass, platinum and rose gold all creating reflective and elegant displays.

Flowers or luscious plants add a splash of colour and a stunning arrangement will complement a well put together table-top layout. They don’t have to be real, but go for high quality silk if choosing the artificial route.

Wall art is often minimal but simple framed prints, or moody black and white photographs, arranged in sequenced, usually angular, displays can command a sense of importance.


As well as creating the right balance of ambient and task lighting, luxe interior illumination also makes a design statement and imparts a warm feel of glowing opulence.

Glamorous glass pendant lights or plentiful table lamps with sheeny finishes and crystal detailing will heighten the feeling of designer influence. An overhead chandelier is the perfect crowning piece for a luxe living room, while elegant wall lights work beautifully in a boutique bedroom.

For a more contemporary variation, pivoting wall-mounted spotlights, or open-weave geometric lamp bases in a warm metallic finish such as copper or rose gold, add a modern and current twist.

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