Kuldea Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, is a lover of everything Home Style. Here she looks at the terrazzo style which can be traced back to the ancient mosaics of Egypt.

With a dazzling display of speckled colours, highly unique effects and abstract patterns, terrazzo is a huge home trend that has seen this highly versatile material elevated from the floors of public buildings to take centre stage as a beautiful interior design must-have.

Derived from the Latin word ‘terra’, meaning ground, terrazzo is a composite material where marble, granite, quartz, glass or even wood chips are set into cement and polished as a way to re-use stone offcuts  – so it ticks the sustainability box too.

With its cool, flecked surface and endless possibilities of colour, pattern and finish, terrazzo is now a favourite with interior designers, both in its material form and across other furnishings and homewares inspired by its decorative qualities.

Here’s how to introduce a touch of the terrazzo trend into your home…

Statement pieces

Terrazzo was originally a product used to form larger surfaces in the grand palazzos of 15th century Italy, so using it to create a colourful countertop, statement splashback, beautiful washbasin or fabulous floor goes right back to its roots. With hardwearing, resilient properties, it is waterproof once sealed so makes excellent surface material for kitchens and bathrooms, or a scuff-proof solution to inject bold colour, vibrant pattern and unusual texture into undervalued floors. Terrazzo can also be used to create incredibly striking pieces of furniture, which can either be fully moulded or feature an inset surface or panel carrying the distinctive, multi-coloured design.

Soft furnishings

Rather than using the actual material, terrazzo is now featuring heavily in home design as an abstract pattern and can be reproduced on a variety of soft furnishings with incredible levels of realism and quality. With its unique graphic form translating well onto fabric, furnishings inspired by terrazzo include lamps, cushion covers, wallpaper, rugs and bedding – this wide product offering allows you to embrace the beautiful appearance of terrazzo in different rooms without having to fully commit to large pieces of the genuine article.


The terrazzo effect doesn’t have to stop with fabric; a huge variety of household objects and accessories featuring the sporadic, speckled motif are now available to add an interesting accent to your room. Choose from candle holders, coasters, kitchenware, photo frames, clocks, soap dispensers, office stationery and plant pots … there’s an endless choice to subtly add a flourish of terrazzo-style to complement rest of your interior scheme.


Whilst terrazzo works beautifully as a seamless and expansive surface, it can also look just as striking, and offer brilliant versatility, like tiles. A tiled table-top, small splashback or fireplace surround is a great way to add a touch of terrazzo to various rooms within your home, and can be incorporated into any surrounding decorative style. Carefully chosen grout can provide an additional edgy, statement contrast to the flow of the natural pattern and crushed effect of the chips.

Colours and textures

Terrazzo comes in all sorts of shades and designs, and can be both subdued and subtle or bold and brazen. The key is to connect patterns and colour palettes to create the look you want. A delicate scattering of fragmented sparkle in gentle shades of blush, light grey and pretty pastels can have a soft, feminine look, whereas denser compositions of irregular monochrome shapes can create a more industrial, contemporary feel. Or, go for lively mis-matched oranges, blues and greens, with a confetti effect of varying sizes for a bold, architectural feel bordering on art-deco.

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