New Concept Furnishings have taken the market by storm, providing full property furniture package solutions for buy-to-let properties in London and beyond. Their innovative approach to furnishing is much more than selling furniture. Our co-founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick sat down with Andrew Block, co-founder of New Concept Furnishings, to investigate – what makes the New Concept Furnishings the brand that it is today and what future holds for the business as well as the trends on the market. Keep reading for a sneak peek behind the scenes of a truly unique furniture business…

New Concept Furnishings

Question 1) You’ve developed a fantastic business with New Concept Furnishings. Can you provide us with an overview of the business for our followers?

Thank you for the kind compliment. People’s lives are busier than ever and we believe we have uncovered the perfect solution. We offer furniture packages with great designs, that are well priced with a unique installation service. This takes all the inconvenience out of sourcing every item individually and arranging multiple delivery times which can cut into the diary of time-poor clients. It also means no more deciphering of illegible flat pack instructions for our customers!

Question 2) You have a very unique offering in the market at New Concept Furnishings. Can you share with me the inspiration for the business and how you’ve built it to what it is today?

The inspiration came from a eureka-moment 14 years ago whilst working alongside a developer who was selling London property in South East Asia. Investors were coming over to London and furnishing their properties, a process that could either take weeks to get right or left badly furnished due to time restraints on deliveries.

We saw a niche in the market where we could offer landlords a one-stop-shop to furnish the property at a very competitive price. So, 14 years later, here we are furnishing 500 – 600 apartments every year from both overseas clients and London-based clients.

Question 3) Given all you’ve learned in setting up New Concept Furnishings, could you share with people what are the main points they need to consider when furnishing home?

Where apartments are not professionally furnished the main fault we see is over or under furnishing. Sofas and beds being too big or too small for their required rooms resulting in crude overcrowding or the opposite which leaves the apartment looking sparse. Our expertise is being able in most cases, scale the property design by using a simple floor plan. It isn’t easy but with around 8000 flats under our belts, it’s something that now comes naturally.

Question 4) Can you share with me your views on current trends in the complete home furnishing/ packages space?

As mentioned, people have less free time than ever. When they understand the concept we offer it’s a real eye-opener. We have the ability to offer high-quality stylish furniture delivered and installed with all waste removed at no extra charge.

Question 5) I’m interested to know what your favourite product package is being sold by New Concept Furnishings and why?

For me, it’s easy – it’s our brand-new Urban collection. I love the way the furniture can look completely different when accessorised with different colours. It makes it so versatile, especially for city living.

Question 6) What are your future aspirations for the business on where you’d like to take it to?

Simply to carry on growing organically to become a nationally recognised brand. We want to be “The Go-To” people when you think of furnishing a home.

We are delighted to have New Concept Furnishings on board, bringing on a new easy way to fully furnish and decorate your home conveniently, in style. Discover New Concept Furnishings on Kuldea now!

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