10th May, 2019

The Home for Furniture Discovery, Kuldea, has launched its online retail partnership with classy furniture retailer, Houselogy. Houseology launched in 2010 and they formed with the goal of demystifying the design process and making sourcing and choosing designer products for the home both easy and enjoyable.

Commenting on the partnership launch Kuldea Managing Director, Ray Wright, said ‘Houseology are a company that we have always admired and they were one of the companies that inspired us to create Kuldea. Today is a fantastic day as we now get to announce Houseology as a retail partner. We’re super excited about this and we know our consumer community will be too.’

Houseology’s extensive range of carefully curated home furniture collections is available on Kuldea from May 2019. Click here to start your furniture discovery journey.