London, 17 December 2018

Kuldea is an online marketplace for home furniture that connects people and retailers through their website In exciting announcement for Kuldea,  Made in Design will become an online partner in December 2018. Made in Design are a European leader in the sale of designer furniture, lighting and decorations who boast some of the markets biggest brands and renowned designers as part of their offering.

Ray Wright, Managing Director of Kuldea remarked on the partnership ‘We love the passion that Made in Design has for quality and value. Their range of products contains some of the best products in market inspired by extremely well recognised designers.’

Chloe Smith, Marketing Consulting to Made in Design commented on the partnership ‘We’ve identified Kuldea as a high potential partnership for Made in Design. Connecting with passionate people who love inspired furniture design is our goal and Kuldea provides us the opportunity to do that.’

Kuldea will feature Made in Design furniture on their website from December 2018. To shop the range simply click below to get started.