10th May, 2019

Kuldea proudly announces its online retail partnership with mattress design and technology company, Simba Sleep. Simba Sleep have been selling bedding and mattresses worldwide since 1979 and are one of the most well recognised brands globally. Since 2002, they have focused on becoming a market leading bedding and mattress design and technology business who is recognised for their innovation.

Ray Wright, Managing Director of Kuldea said of the retail partnership ‘Simba Sleep are instantly recognisable with quality. The technologically enhanced products make them an absolute market leader who is super focused on customer satisfaction. For that reason we are very proud to welcome them as a partner of Kuldea and for our consumer community to have access to their range of products.’

People shopping on Kuldea can discover Simba Sleep products from May 2019. Click here to start your bedding and mattress shopping journey.