London, 26  December 2018

Kuldea, the first and only online home furniture and furnishings marketplace, launched today to allow people a fast, seamless and hassle-free way to furnish their home. As an online marketplace for home furnishings, Kuldea provides furniture and furnishing products of all requirements across a broad range of retailers from one website.

Co-founded by Irish/Australian couple Deirdre Mc Gettrick and Ray Wright, the inspiration for Kuldea derived from their joint negative experiences when furnishing their own apartment. Rather than feel dissatisfied and frustrated with the process, Deirdre and Ray decided to set about creating Kuldea in an effort to simplify this process for people and retailers.

Market research data shows that in 2017 14% of furniture purchases occurred online. This number is projected to increase to 16% by 2020 with market trends indicating growth is likely to increase more aggressively with 25 – 45 year olds where market statistics show that 69% of people in this age group purchased at least one item online in 2017.

Kuldea helps people find furniture that they can’t find themselves and the website connects people to products and retailers based on the relevance of their search on Kuldea. The website will launch with over 120,000 products available across a broad selection of furniture retailers such as Graham & Green, Cotswold Company, Furniture Village, Harveys, AHF, And so to Bed, Maisons du Monde, Limitless Home and many more.

Kuldea’s website will allow consumers to run detailed searches for products across the entire market to find what they want and need. The website will also provide people with detailed content inspiring them with design ideas and styles, education and practical advice on furnishing plus regular updates on retailer sales and promotions to ensure people find a special deal where needed.

Commenting on Kuldea’s launch, Deirdre said: “We found the experience of furnishing our apartment to be very disconnected and time consuming. Firstly, it was difficult to thoroughly search for unique retailers in the market and we kept being presented with the same companies who had the advertising budget to reach us. Then we found there was no market standardisation for online searching and we had to keep repeating the same search process on every retailer website. It was difficult to keep track of the process and the products we liked best.”

Ray added to this by saying “As homeowners, we want to furnish our home with the style and furniture that reflects who we are. We also want to ensure the furniture we purchase meets our needs. There are so many elements to consider and it was very confusing for us. Knowing what to look for when starting from scratch is half the battle in home furnishing, particularly when taking in to account special requirements, storage, budget as well as personal taste. For us, it’s all about providing people with simplicity and choice. Our vision is that Kuldea will help simplify this process for others so they have a much better experience than we had. ”

Kuldea’s goal is to build a community of people and retailers that utilise the website as a marketplace for home furnishing that truly improves the shopping experience.

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