Lighting can make a huge difference to your room and helps to complete the atmosphere you’ve been creating with your furniture and decor. A room that is badly lit can make it feel unwelcoming and cold, so take a look at the vast variety of beautiful lighting from fabulous retailers such as Lights 4 Living, Laura Ashley, The Cotswold Company, Woods Furniture and Houseology, to ensure your room is warm and welcoming to you and your visitors.

Ceiling Lights

Whatever the style of room you’re designing, there’s a ceiling light to elevate it even further. Drop pendant lights in an industrial style look great over a breakfast bar or dining table, or for a chic bedroom.  You could light your boudoir with a chandelier, and you can install a dimmer switch for that extra atmospheric touch. Should you like your lighting bright but understated in design, a chrome plate with LEDs suit the job perfectly.

Table Lamps

The beauty of the table lamp is that they’re more than just an additional source of light, they come in so many shapes, designs, patterns and textures now they can be used to decorate your sideboards or bookcase while casting its light upon the other items you’re showcasing.

The classic Tiffany style lamp adds a touch of art nouveau elegance with its stained-glass shade, or for fun yet sleek design you may prefer a retro pineapple base with a clean white shade to greet your guests. If you have a home office, an angled lamp doesn’t take up much space and can be used more like a spotlight making sure you don’t strain your eyes when you’re busy working.

Floor Lamps

Another lighting source that can add so much to your home. There are so many beautiful designs that make the floor lamp an item to be admired. The tripod floor lamp gives a modern feel in such a simple concept, but are versatile enough. In design, it could be a simple item, and at the same time, it could be a light straight from an Alfred Hitchcock movie set.

If you don’t have the floor space to fit three legs then opt for a singular standstill with plenty of styles to choose from brass, mirrored, wooden, chrome, just bear in mind the lampshade will have an effect on how the light will be emitted into the room. If your room is darker than you’d like, opt for a stand without shades and flexible arms to position the bulbs where you need the light, or a big open shade in a light colour will also help.

Wall Lights

Wall lights in your home can be extremely useful, with most homes generally have ceiling lights as standard, you might not know what you’re missing. Wall lights take up no floor space and come in a whole variety of styles, from vintage candelabras, industrial steel pipework, to some really quirky designs such as these zebra wall lights from Graham and Green, they’re not just functional but they look great!

Outdoor Lights

Adding lights in your garden or outside space is a solid investment if you like to spend time in the fresh air, as they allow you to enjoy your space for longer into the evening. Solar-powered lights are great as they’ll charge during the day and turn on when the natural light is no longer sufficient, some even come with adjustable timers or remotes.

Solar-powered garden lights are more for decorative lights that don’t need much power. If you have means to safely install an outside light via an electricity point, these can be wired up to a switch inside your home and a much better option if you need to light a dark area by a sufficient amount.


The chandelier has gone through a lot of changes since the medieval times when they were fitted with candles instead of bulbs, but even further than just the introduction of electricity, the design itself has been modernised with geometric metallic structures and some even crafted from antlers. No need to worry! If the classic glass chandelier, that casts its sparkles around the room, holds a place dear in your heart, there are plenty of designs to make you feel as grand as they look!

Lanterns and Candle Holders

These are wonderful for adding extra decoration to your home and are so versatile! Candles add an extra special something to your home as they help to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, but you can also use wire string lights organised inside a lantern to give a fun and starry option instead! You could use them to light the decking in your garden, light the entrance to your home when expecting visitors, or placed safely to the side of a fireplace in the living room to create a really cosy feel in the room.

Lampshades and Bases

If you like to be extra creative and mix and match to create the table lamp of your dreams, then this is the category for you! While many of the pre-made options are beautiful, they’re not right for everyone, so we’ve given you the option to be your own designer, so have fun creating your style!

The beauty of lighting is that you can have some at a lower wattage so that it can be compensated with others at a higher wattage where you need that light to shine, for example, showcasing art! If you have a feature that you’re proud of and want to showcase, angle a light upon it so it’s lit up to draw people attention it to. Have a look at the wide range of lighting options we have on Kuldea today and be inspired!