Industrial design home interiors is one of the trendiest home styles in 2019, all indicators are that this will continue to go strong through 2020. For many ‘home proud’ people it’s all about the stylish ‘unfinished’ feel, bold colours and unique shapes & materials.

We have recently partnered up with Ironfire Furniture – one of the most amazing  UK based industrial style furniture brands on the market. Ironfire Furniture offer a fantastic selection of sustainably produced furniture for the home. They have shared their top tips on creating that perfect look for your Loft with industrial style furniture. 

There is a number of different lifestyle magazines, blogs, influencers and TV shows extolling the virtues of the trend. They’ll fill pages, show how celebs do ‘makeovers’ and enormous loft apartment are turned into space that’s amazing and stunning, yet for most of us, this type of space is frankly out of reach and unaffordable. The vast majority of people, however, need ideas for smaller apartments and top tips to furnish small living rooms. The question, therefore, has to be…how to create great style and individuality on a budget, for small apartments and compact living spaces?

Top tip 1) Research

The magazines, online style gurus and TV makeover shows have done the hard work for you. You’ll need to shift through all the hyperbole, mood boards and other guff though. That leaves you with an essential message. “Choose a few quality signature pieces to create a focal point that allows you to express your individuality and style”. This lets you create a modern Industrial Loft apartment-feel, with a few well-chosen pieces of signature furniture that stamp your unique DNA on compact living spaces.

Top tip 2) Signature pieces

Finding these signature pieces is not an easy task. Luckily you have Kuldea, giving you access to furniture retailers across the entire market on one website! And then there is Ironfire Furniture – signature items and stand-out pieces, that can be seamlessly integrated into a loft-style environment, combining both, contemporary and more rustic furniture items with industrial-influence.

Beautiful and purpose-built to meet the needs and is available in a wide range of affordable and sustainable items that make your ‘lofty ambitions’ (pun intended) achievable. Ironfire creates furniture that is multi-purposeful and comes in many shapes and sizes, including dining tables and chairs, benches, bookshelves, mirrors, planters and much more.

Top tip 3) Choosing sustainable and furniture that lasts

Standing the test of time is another reason to love Ironfire! The quality furniture brand stands for environmentally responsible furniture with a low carbon footprint. Whatever your small living space layout, Ironfire has furniture ideas to help you create a more individual feel for your flat or smaller living space.  Not to mention the vast variety of options available – from toughened tempered glass tops to garden furniture covers that are waterproof.

Not content with creating unique pieces of furniture with a contemporary industrial influence, Ironfire set out from the start to ensure our furniture was as sustainable and renewable as possible. Built for immense strength with heavy galvanised steel used and topped with our renewable wood finishes, like Douglas Fir, which is a long-lasting wood that is great for furniture.

Top tip 4) Customisable furniture for your loft

You then have the added bonus that Ironfire Furniture brings you furniture that is totally customisable with over 200 colours to choose from. This means versatile and long-lasting results, embracing all the sensibilities of industrial design and small space loft-style living in one.

Customise it to your style, making it the type of furniture that can be handed down from generation to generation. And!  All of the materials are sourced in the UK – fantastic, isn’t it! Ironfire Furniture is only available online which is why they are able to provide such incredible value and service for a fraction of the cost of the high street.

Finding a unique signature piece from a quality furniture brand that ‘works’ in any space or environment, that’s affordable, aspirational, customisable and sustainable has never been easier, that’s Ironfire for you.

Start your journey of discovery today, explore Kuldea, and add that extra touch of uniqueness to your small living space. Discover more top tips and inspiration right here, explore Kuldea for thousands of furniture items across the entire UK market.