Results from the ONS Labour Force Survey this year showed that 1.54 million people work from home for their main job. If you’re working from home regularly, or even just occasionally, having a home office can help with your productivity by giving you a separate space to think about work, from your actual home life. So, what could you put in your home office to make it functional and look good at the same time? Here are a few ideas from retailers such as Dunelm, Furniture in Fashion, The Cotswold Company and CFS to get you inspired…

Occasional Chairs

If the standard office chair makes you shudder, you could opt instead for an occasional chair. With a padded seat to keep you comfortable while you work and varying levels of support for your back depending on your preference for a high or low back on the chair, there are also many different shapes, fabrics and designs to ensure your office isn’t drab! You could also have a more typical office chair for yourself at your desk, but an occasional chair should you have a visitor to your home office or as a place for reading in a more cost spot.

Office Desks

The beauty of having your own office at home is not having to be stuck with the same generic office desk as pretty much every commercial office, you can find one to enhance the décor. If you have a small room for your office, or perhaps your office is an area in the living room?  A corner office desk might fit in better and also save you some space, as they also generally come with a good amount shelving. A ladder desk is perfect if you need a place to work in a very small space.

With industrial style desks of wood and metal, to minimalist glass and thin metal frames, sturdy wooden desks with plenty of storage for your paperwork and supplies, and desks that look like painters tables (perfect for designers or for your sewing machine) whatever your plans for your home office, there’s a desk to suit your needs!

Office Chairs

Do not fret, while you can still purchase a standard office chair, on wheels, swivel seat, adjustable arms and back, there’s no need to stick with the standard office design. This is your home office, so why not have a look at some of the slightly more luxurious designs available!

Beautifully padded and upholstered office chairs are comfortable and look great for a modern look, but if you prefer a more ‘old English study’ feel, then you may like a dark brown (faux) leather style instead modernised with wheels and swivel functionality.

Office Drawers

Keeping your home office organised and clutter-free is really beneficial to your productivity levels, so having drawers or additional desk storage is perfect for keeping your paperwork in order…and perfect for having a space to store snacks!

Filing Cabinets

Don’t let paperwork overrun your home office. If you have client files or business documents you need to keep organised then getting a filing cabinet will make your life much easier. With the inbuilt railings inside the drawer for your hanging suspension files, there are plenty of designs to make them blend in with your room’s decor. That is much more useful than the boxy metal filing cabinet that might normally spring to mind.

All of these and more are available through Kuldea. Come on over and start piecing together a home office that you’ll love to work in! For more inspiration and ideas, head over to our Top tips section, article on home offices might just be what you need next – click here to read “7 Top tips for furnishing a home office or study”.