If you’re the kind of person who likes to sit down without putting your feet up, this isn’t the blog for you. However, if you, like me, can’t resist perfecting that practically horizontal position to get stuck into the latest episode from your current favourite binge-fest series, then read on to find out more about the fabulous collection of footstools we have on Kuldea from a huge range of partners such as Dunelm, Darlings of Chelsea, Made in Design, Laura Ashley, Homelia, John Lewis and more…

General Footstools

Short, solid legs with a squishy top, no I’m not talking about myself, but the perfect footstool! While these are the two features that remain fairly constant with footstool design, there are so many colours, shapes, sizes and designs available, you can have a footstool that matches your room beautifully, or stands out almost as its own piece of art.

Ottoman Footstool

If you’ve read our other blogs you’ll know we LOVE storage solutions, especially when it comes with the bonus of being a super comfy addition to your home! Blankets, magazines, books, hide it all away in a stylish ottoman footstool, ready to be taken out for that all-important relaxation time when you can put your feet up. Because of the storage element, ottomans tend to be a bit bigger than normal footstools, so can also be used as an extra seat or even a coffee table!


A pouffe footstool is generally a densely filled or cushioned stool with no visible feet or legs, and sometimes a wooden internal frame to help keep its structure, making them a great footstool but also potentially as an additional seat (structure and weight dependant, of course).

If you love to have a bit of a chill out on a comfy chair, treat yourself to a footstool, so you can truly rest your soles and your soul! View the full range available today via Kuldea.