Kuldea Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, sat down with William Coulton, Co-Founder of Rise & Fall, to discuss the inspiration behind the new era bedding company. They talk about the motivation for disrupting the industry for a better night’s sleep, the sustainable approach and green production with ethically sourced materials. Learn about innovative new era bedding company and their journey. 

Question 1) You’ve developed a fantastic business with Rise & Fall. Can you provide us with an overview of the business for our followers?

Rise&Fall is all about creating the ultimate sleep experience. We make premium quality, ethically sourced bedding (a ‘Crisp & Cool’ and a ‘Soft & Smooth’ range). Creating a new standard in our industry. Proving that it is possible to make truly premium products while having a positive impact across our supply chain and deliver this to our customers at half the price of our traditional competitors. Our ethical and sustainable supply chain is first-class; we manufacture using 100% green energy, recycle and reuse 99% of the water used in production, have removed all plastic from our packaging and the predominantly female workforce at our partner factory have access to free education.

Question 2) You have a very unique offering in the market at Rise & Fall. Can you share with me the inspiration for the business?

It all began with our own terrible experience searching for bedding. I wanted something super comfortable and I wanted to know where and how it had been made. The process was horrible. I didn’t understand the jargon, prices seemed extortionate and no one could tell me which sheet would actually help me sleep better, which seemed particularly ridiculous to me.

Question 3) Given all you’ve learned in setting up Rise & Fall, could you share with people what are the main points they need to consider when purchasing bedding for their home?

It’s all about the quality of the cotton, and specifically the length of the cotton fibres. Our cotton comes from the Gossypium Barbadense plant which creates the longest fibres in the world. From there, you should pick the weave that suits you as a sleeper. If you run hot during the night, a percale weave is best as it is crisp and cool with a matte finish. If you like to feel warm and snuggly then a sateen weave is better as it is buttery soft and smooth.

Thread count is important too, but not as important as traditional brands have led us to believe. It’s about finding the right thread count for the weave rather than the highest thread count possible. We believe that is 400 for a percale weave and 600 for a sateen.

Thread Count

Question 4) Can you share with me your views on current trends in the home bedding space?

People are wising up to the jargon. They are caring less about the thread count and more about the quality of cotton and transparency of the supply chain. Similarly to what happened with coffee and food, people now want to know where their bedding products have come from, what is in them and how they have been made. And so they should. You spend 1/3 rd of your life in bed. It is a very personal product.

Question 5) I’m interested to know what your favourite product is being sold by Rise & Fall and why?

I’m a hot sleeper so I love our Crisp & Cool organic range. It feels like hotel bedding, regulates the temperature during the night and helps me to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Question 6) What are your future aspirations for the business on where you’d like to take it to?

Our goal is to create the ultimate sleep experience and amazing bed sheets are only one piece of that puzzle. We have some exciting new products in the works and can’t wait to share them with the world.

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