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A perfect spot to read a book or just relax with your favourite TV programme in the living room, the armchair serves its purpose in many different styles. With comfort its ultimate goal, you’ll usually find your armchair with a comfortable padded seat and back, with arms on the side for maximum comfort. Armchairs make excellent additions to studies, conservatories, and even hallways (space dependent).

Dining Chairs

The perfect dining chair is many things to many people, for some, a quick seat to eat a meal, to others, a place allowing friends and family to gather at a table for hours enjoying a meal together, sometimes both. Kuldea offers the perfect way to find the dining chairs to suit your daily life and those special evenings for socialising.

Occasional Chair

Despite its potentially confusing name, an occasional chair, or an accent chair, is actually how it sounds, a chair meant for occasional use and can be viewed as more as a piece of art. This doesn’t mean it is less important as other more frequently used chairs, chosen and placed well, an occasional chair can be the crowning glory of a room!

Outdoor Chairs

If you have an outdoor space, a chair for the garden is a great purchase to help you enjoy the world outside. A lounger for a nap in the shade, a comfortable swing chair to help clear your mind, or a weatherproof bench for a quick seat while gardening, there are many to choose from.


If you have a breakfast bar, or an actual bar in your home the bar stool is for you. A higher and usually adjustable version of the normal stool, allows you to be sat comfortably at a countertop of various heights. The good old standard stool serves its purpose lower to the floor, and is a great item to have it your house is a hub for visitors taking up less space than say, an armchair.


These sometimes overlooked seats are a great way to relax as they’re no longer just for kids, feed your inner child with a comfortable seat that moulds to your body.

Multi-Room Chairs

These chairs have a certain je ne sais quoi. This category covers various types of chair that can go in the various room in your home, but also don’t quite fit your standard chair definition. These may be extra-wide, have beautifully decorative carvings or upholstery, or have a back three times the usual height, if you’re looking for a statement piece, try here.

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