Forget trawling through endless websites hoping to find your perfect table, with Kuldea, the Home for Furniture Discovery, we make shopping simple by letting you search multiple retailers’ items all on one site. Search for stunning chunky wooden dining tables by Darlings of Chelsea, or creative driftwood and glass coffee tables by Homelia, or even a space-saving wall hanging baby changing unit by Houseology – Kuldea has the table you’ve been hunting for!

Coffee Tables

The only table to have a style of book named after it, the coffee table is a handy and attractive addition to your home. Lower to the floor than most tables, and generally positioned next to a sofa or the middle of a seating area, it’s perfect for displaying your namesake books and placing a hot drink when visitors pop by. Large, small, wooden, glass, we’ve got your perfect design.

Dining Tables

More than just a table to eat at, the dining table can be the hub where families and friends come together to share stories, reminisce and just catch up on an average day to day. With that in mind, while a standard four straight-legged, flat top dining table certainly serves its purpose, more stylistic varieties can make it into a real feature item in your home. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and materials, make the dining table in your home more than just a table.

Outdoor Tables

Dinner al fresco doesn’t need to be a treat when on holiday, with an outdoor table you can enjoy dinner for two, or host multiple guests at a table with its own lazy susan, perfect for sharing wine and snacks in the summer months. Paid your outdoor table with an outdoor heater, and you can host outdoors as the cooler winter months draw in.

Bar Tables

The bar table is a great addition for those who like to perch up high while having a snack or drink and can make a great alternative for a breakfast bar when space is limited. For those who have space and enjoy socialising, why not consider a bar table that incorporates its own drinks cabinet and shelf for your glasses.

Bedside Tables

A convenient place to put your night time glass of water and a great excuse for extra storage (or even a Midnight snack drawer) the bedside table does exactly what it says on the tin.

Dressing Tables

Live your old-school Hollywood fantasy with a dressing table in your bed or dressing room. With space to sit, drawers to home your hair or skin-care products (or just sock overflow) and enough room for a mirror on top, the dressing table makes getting ready to go out even more glamourous.

Side Tables

If you like easy access to your magazines and drink from your regular seated position, the compact side table is the perfect table for you. Of course, the side table is more versatile than just that, place it in your hallway with a picture frame and some beautiful flowers for a chic entranceway.

Console Tables

Like the side table which adds a certain something extra when placed in a hallway, the console table is a more spacious table allowing you to showcase some of your favourite items to show off to visitors. Of course, the larger size of the console table also makes it great for a home office if the usual office style desks don’t tickle your fancy, or even as a dressing table. Get creative!

Changing Tables

Keep your precious little bundle safe and sound while you tend to their needs with a purposely designed changing table. With raised edging to contain your little wriggler, and helpful shelves to keep all your essential baby products close to hand, this table is a god send to parents everywhere.

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