If you haven’t already been versed on the wonders of sleeping in silk, then we have some good news and some bad news. Good news is there are some great benefits to snuggling down to snooze in silk, the bad news is you’re probably going want to relegate your current bedding immediately. 

With celebs such as Sophie Turner, Victoria Beckham and Jonathan Van Ness raving about sleeping in this luxurious material, we wanted to know that the fuss was all about, so to help us, we’ve teamed up with our friends at The French Bedroom Company to take a closer look at their sumptuous new Mulberry silk bedding collection by Gingerlily, let’s delve in!

Bye bye dry skin

If you have dry skin, silk bedding can actually help keep your skin hydrated. Dr. Neal Schultz, a Dermatologist based in New York, advised Good Housekeeping that the reason for this is because silk is so smooth, it’s less likely to absorb moisture from the skin than other materials traditionally used for bedding.  

Cocoon yourself in this luxuriously crafted Linen by Gingerlily in Vintage Pink made from the finest A Grade Long strand Mulberry silk.Mulberry silk bed linen in pink

Brittle hair, beware

With silk helping to keep your skin hydrated, by having a silk pillowcase you can help keep your hair moisturised too. Cotton is quite porous, which can result in moisture from your hair and scalp being absorbed into the material, however with silk because it is so tightly woven, it helps keep the moisture in your hair instead and even reduces static!

Protect your hair with this Mulberry Silk pillowcase by Gingerlily in Silver Grey, or splurge and treat your whole body to the luxuriously soft duvet cover as part of the same set.Mulberry silk pillowcase in silver grey

Keeping cool, and staying warm

If you’re one of those people who kicks a foot out of the duvet when you get hot, then half an hour later, it gets cold and you have to pop it back under, and 2 hours later you realise you’ve just been doing the hokey cokey in your bed, then silk bedding could be the perfect solution. The previously mentioned properties of silk also mean it’s perfect for helping to regulate your temperature at night, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. When it comes to sleep, that’s what it’s all about! 

If when you’re trying to sleep, you fluctuate between hot and cold more than a Katy Perry song, consider this Golden Stripe Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily, and sleep in perfect temperature heaven!Mulbery silk bed linen in golden stripe

Banish the curse of Pillow crease face!

Don’t you just love waking up in the morning, getting to work and everyone pointing out the pillow creases still embedded in your face from last night?

Well that can be a thing of the past with a silk pillowcase due to the composition of the fabric being so smooth and friction-free, it actually helps reduce the pillow creases left on your skin. Some studies even suggest that because of silk keeping your skin hydrated and being so smooth, it could also help prevent some of the more permanent fine lines that are caused by sleeping on more porous materials.

Give your hair some nighttime love with this dreamily soft Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, gift boxed for an extra special treat for you or a loved one!

Mulberry silk pillowcase in beauty box

Lie in luxury

The final discovery in the benefits of silk bedding, is just the absolute luxury of lying in material that feels like thousands of kisses on your skin. It’s soft, it’s smooth, it’s surprisingly durable when looked after it correctly, and it just feels delicious to sleep in. 

Complete your exquisite new bed linen set with a Mulberry Silk Fitted Sheet by Gingerlily in White, and start sleeping in ultimate opulence!Mulberry silk linen by Gingerlily in white

So if you’ve been debating whether to swap your current bedding for a new shiny silk set, we at Kuldea and The French Bedroom Company hope this article helps make your decision a little easier!

Getting the best from your silk bedding is easy!*

  • Turn inside-out and pop in your washing machine on cool cycle (30°C max) and try and wash separately to other fabrics if possible.
  • Line dry to preserve the fabric.
  • Iron to help preserve the silk’s natural properties, suppleness and shimmer.

*always check individual product care instructions

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