The kitchen is the heart of the home, but not all of us are lucky enough to have separate space for cooking and eating. But you don’t need to be stuck eating off your lap on the sofa every night just because you live in a small space. There might not be room for a 12-seat dining table or a dining room but there are a number of ways to incorporate a space for dining into your home.

If you don’t have enough space for a dedicated dining room invest in a foldaway or multi-functional table you can use as and when required. Whether it’s a desk in the day or is also a storage unit, double the function and half the space used!

Get creative with your seating

Benches are a great space-saver. Not only will they comfortably seat guests, but they can also be tucked away under the table when they’re not being used. And, they’re bang on-trend for any style! 

Fitting in a table too tricky? Slot a slimline table and chairs against an empty wall or under a window instead. You can also make your own breakfast bar inspired space with a raised table that stools can fit neatly underneath.


Being organised is essential in a tiny space so make the most of it and create a display of your kitchen. Use shelves, jars and industrial-style units to store your food and tableware.

Go bold!

Our best advice is to go bold – distract from small space with bright colours and quirky design touches. 

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