There are many things to consider when you decide to purchase a new sofa. How much room do you have, how much room do you need to be left over once it’s in, will it fit through your doorway, what fabric and colour would you like, and what design?

So let’s start with the basics first, by looking at the different styles of sofa available, you can begin to get a feel for how each would look in your home, for example, if you have a living room that has a rounded shape or is an unusual shape, you may have to rethink that corner sofa. But never fear, Kuldea is here to help with our sofa guide!

Corner Sofas

The corner sofa is the kind of item that you design a room around. Slotting into the corner of your living room, you can relax cosily with your feet up in the corner nook, while you watch your favourite TV programme. Or pair with a coffee table in the middle to make the perfect spot to host a games night.

Sofa Beds

Invite your old university friends or family to visit, and they can stay on a practical and comfortable sofa bed. A great addition to a spare room, or even as your main sofa as a place for your guests to snooze if don’t have a spare room.

Chaise Sofas

The additional length on the chaise sofa allowing you to sit with your feet up, adds a touch of luxury to your lounging. Also available in recliner form, achieving almost horizontal status is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday watching your favourite film.

Outdoor Sofas

Light up the BBQ and push up the parasol, invite your friends over for a garden gathering, but make sure you have enough seating with an outdoor sofa! The classic rattan style provides an almost endless array of designs, wooden for a more solid structure and metal for a modern look, there are plenty of options so you can find the perfect style to make your garden a true extension of your home. Scatter some solar lights around to create a lovely ambience for evening socialising.

Modular Sofas

Build a sofa to fit your room! Got enough space for a 9-seater corner sofa? Prefer a long sofa with a chaise style seat on both ends? No problem, if that’s the design you desire, you can pick and choose the parts you want to complete your sofa. Perfect!

Snuggler Sofa

Bigger than a one-seater, yet not quite the size of a two-seater, the snuggler sofa is designed for those who want to get cosy with a loved one, or perhaps just like extra room to sprawl out a bit more. We especially love this chair for storytime with the kiddiewinks.

General Sofas

Sometimes, the classic two/three seater sofa reigns supreme. Available in a multitude of fabrics from leather or suede (both available in faux styles too), velvet to linen, there are also options for recliner versions for those wanting maximum comfort.

So now you know the different styles available, you can browse all of them on Kuldea. Kuldea helps you search, discover, compare and shop furniture online through one website. Now, it’s time to get your tape measure out and make sure you find one that fits your home, and just as importantly, through your doorway!