Each week we choose our favourite home designs in our ‘Home Interior Design of the Week’ series to inspire our community. Sarah Johnson and her social media channel, The Northern Home was featured on Kuldea this August for the first time and her home received a warm welcome and many questions about how she achieved such amazing results from our loyal community. Given that we wanted to learn more about Sarah and  the inspiration behind The Northern Home

Sarah is a young professional who has recently made a big investment in her future by buying a new build with her partner that she is turning into their dream home. She’s very passionate about interior design and it comes through in her social media channels! Kuldea Co-Founder, Deirdre Mc Gettrick, sat down with Sarah to find out about the inspiration for her home interior design and how she achieved her home goals.

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Lounge

Question 1) Tell us about the journey to purchasing your own home. How did you plan out and achieve it?

We bought our house just over a year ago. Prior to moving into our newly built home, I spent all my evenings on research and planning. Working out the lists of furniture items we needed for each room, budgeting and getting my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I prioritised items in each room, but I knew that choosing the perfect sofa was probably our biggest furniture purchasing decision. I wouldn’t be making any compromises  on the sofa choice – even if it meant six weeks of a bare lounge… It was well worth the wait when we made our decision and got the sofa we wanted!

I knew from the beginning that this house was the one – a long-term one, the home that I could put my stamp on. I’ve tried not to rush the design of each room in the house, and I started my project by finding one piece of furniture for each room and then taken it from there.

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Kitchen

Question 2) What has been your inspiration for the interior design theme? Do you keep up with the trends in the field?

Honestly, there is no one specific idea behind it, I’ve just gathered the things I love. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix – our lounge, for example, holds a boho-style rug and industrial style black steel and glass shelving unit that together with the accessories and my show-stopping blue velvet sofa make the look!

I get my inspiration from different places and I’m not particularly into a specific style when it comes to interior decor. Yet I do look forward to seeing the new collections every season, I do enjoy having a browse through the Graham & Green and Cox & Cox catalogues when they come through the door!

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – The Blue Velvet Sofa

Question 3) Do you have any tips for others who need to furnish their home?

I took my time finding everything that I needed and wanted for our home and that would be my key tip to pass on to everyone. If you’re currently renovating, considering a renovation, or in the middle of buying a home, be sure to choose carefully and wisely, as your home will be where you spend a lot of your time and create so many memories. Also, a home is never quite finished – there is always something to improve, change and update. A home evolves alongside the people living in it.

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Upcycled Chest of Drawers

4. What are your favourite furniture items in the house and why?

It has to be the blue velvet sofa! It’s the central piece of furniture in the living room and everything else has been built around it.

In the bedroom, it’s obviously the bed. We’ve recently painted the wall in our bedroom and I truly love the outcome – it feels much so much cosier. I also have a little blush pink velvet vintage cocktail chair in my bedroom. A friend of mine gave it to me a couple of months ago. It needs a little upcycle on the wood and perhaps a reupholster, but it’s such a lovely piece as I know it has a history!

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Bedroom

5. Furnishing a home is expensive but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to achieve your perfect style. Do you have any budgeting/ cost management tips for people out there?

We turned one of our guest-bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe/ home office. It has to be the best decision we made – we bought the IKEA Pax wardrobes which you can design however you like. It’s given us so much storage space at a fraction of the cost of what a good spacious wardrobe could have cost for our bedroom. Every morning walking into it to choose the clothes is such a delight! It’s nicely organised and you have all your options laid out there in front of you.

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Walk-in Wardrobe

7. What are your future goals for the house on both, the interior and outdoor garden area? Where will you draw your inspiration from for future home goals?

Interestingly, I have only had a home interiors Instagram account for the last few months, but it has helped me find inspiration and has had a major impact on how my home looks and feels today. I’m very passionate about my home and interior decor and I have found my ‘tribe’ with whom I can share my thoughts and ideas with.

The next big projects for my home are choosing the perfect dining room chairs, then the kitchen tiling, and then the garden next spring – I have big plans to upcycle my boring concrete slabs, inspired by the lovely Anna at @ourhomeatnumber_30.

The Northern Home

The Northern Home – Outdoor Living Area

Thank you Sarah, it’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you and thanks so much for sharing all the inspiring ideas and top tips that you have. We wish you all the best with your home furnishing in the future. For readers who wish to follow Sarah on her journey, find her on Instagram,@thenorthernhome_. 

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