Furnishing and decorating a space you love is an exciting process, but kitting out your home can also become very expensive. However, staying on budget is much easier if you have a clear idea about which pieces are worth spending more on, and when you can get away with something a little less pricey.

A lot of different elements can make a piece of furniture or interior décor a good investment. It could be a classic that will never go out of style or look out of place with changing trends. It could be an item that you rely on every day. It could be a piece that is highly adaptable and serves multiple functions in your home.

Ultimately, investment interior items are the ones that will give you top value for your money and stand the test of time, and thinking about these factors will help you to decide when to splurge or save.

Here’s our guide to traditional investment pieces that we think are worth that little bit extra…

The Sofa

Whether you’re entertaining or just watching TV, you spend a lot of time in the living room, and the sofa is an anchor point of daily life. It’s easy for damage from general usage to build up quickly on this hard-working item, and an inexpensive sofa may only last for a couple of years, whereas a more expensive, the better-built model could go on for decades.

The sofa also takes a key role in setting out the design foundations of the room; its style, colour and shape can help dictate the other (often less costly) style decisions that bring life and personality into the space.

More importantly, it’s something you really need to invest in because it’s the centre of your living room. Replacing your sofa may have a knock-on effect and mean changing your coffee table, chairs, and other surrounding décor, so spend wisely to get a sofa that provides a good balance of comfort and quality.


Whilst regularly circulating soft furnishings such as cushions and throws is a great way to keep up with the latest trends, a good rug is a key investment piece that can potentially stay with you for years, providing timeless style.

If you feel a room is missing something, an area rug can completely transform the space. If you choose the right one, it can offer great versatility too; you can place it in your living room now and, when you fancy a change, move it to your bedroom or dining room.

This item will be subjected to more wear and tear that other textiles, and cheap options made of synthetic material have the tendency to pill, tatter and thin within a very short space of time.

As well as offering superior durability, another bonus for choosing a high-quality rug is it feels so much better under-foot!


Lighting is a huge opportunity to exude character and be the crowning jewels of your room, and we think it is definitely worth indulging in luxurious illumination!

Whilst you can buy inexpensive lighting fixtures that look very nice, premium designs have the extra power to significantly enhance the ambience. Whether presiding over a dining table or nestling in a living room, a statement light fixture with wow factor will elevate your space and add interest, against which a more basic piece just can’t compete.

Whether your taste is traditionally classic (think a stunning crystal chandelier) or sleek and modern (think low-hanging rows of pendant lamps) a stand-out fixture will always offer a first-rate lighting effect, whilst adding an extra pop to your décor that shows pure, effortless class.


A beautifully styled mirror is like a piece of art – with added functionality!

If you don’t have the top-end budget to purchase amazing paintings to adorn your walls, a mirror with a strong character and dazzling design is a perfect alternative to immediately transform your space.

Classic mirrors are highly adaptable, and one with a really timeless design can be moved around the house to feature in the entranceway, bedroom, bathroom or living room over a sofa when you feel your interior needs a refresh.

Opting for an oversized mirror will add a touch of traditional grandeur or luxe glamour to any interior, and will open out a small space. Or tasteful pieces with unusual shapes, unique frames or embellished edges can add a truly individual accent to your home. Regardless of your style, a well-made, stunning mirror that makes a rich statement will undoubtedly become a piece to cherish.

Accessories and art

Whilst it is tempting to keep up with the latest trends, remember your home should be true to your own style. And, while furniture is often constrained by practicality, art and accessories are the perfect way to let your imagination and personality roam free.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by adding plenty of personal and unique accents with one-of-a-kind objects, coloured vases, stylishly potted houseplants and stunning faux floral displays. Cheap off-the-shelf imitations will be instantly recognisable, so go for superior pieces that utilise quality materials and show careful craftsmanship to make your home unmistakably individual, special and timelessly chic.

Similarly, investing in artwork or numbered prints you love will make a room look sophisticated and classy in a way that mass-produced art just doesn’t manage to achieve. Although it may feel like a splurge, it can definitely be worth the investment; whether you create a gallery wall, or just go for a stunning single framed canvas, great art will make your home feel cultured, uniquely personalised and highly interesting. Read here, why bring art to your home.

Dawn by Homelia, available on Kuldea

Dawn by Homelia, available on Kuldea

The Mattress and bedding

Like the sofa, you spend a lot of time in bed; it is your retreat, sanctuary, and the focal point of the bedroom. As well as choosing a style you love, investing in a premium mattress will provide a level of support which makes a huge difference to your quality of sleep, and therefore is definitely worth the price.

Choosing your bedding is just as important, both from a style and a comfort point of view. Emulate hotel chic with a beautifully dressed bed, layering lots of plump pillows, rich cushions and tactile throws to create a distinctly styled arrangement. For the highest quality look, avoid anything with polyester and opt for 100% cotton; the higher the thread count, the softer and more sumptuous the sheets. Although pricier, these will last longer, wash well and keep their look beautifully.

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