Kuldea has been featured on many prominent news outlets and interior design blogs lately, and we are very proud to bring you this one, by Victoria Jackson and her award-winning blog, Apartment Number 4, published on 10th September 2019.

Victoria Jackson is the editor of multi-award winning interiors and lifestyle blog, Apartment Number 4. Designed to help you create a beautiful home on a budget, Victoria edits the inspirational and showcases the affordable.

My Favourite Online Interior Design Tool To Use When Decorating

As you’ll no doubt be aware, one of the many arms of my business includes my £99 Room Interior Design Service. Today I wanted to talk about one of the tools I use on a professional basis but which I think could be a huge help if you’re looking to furnish a home and feeling a little overwhelmed with where to start.

Introducing Kuldea, a concept which is labelled ‘The Home For Furniture Discovery’ and a brand I predict to become a household name over the next 12 months, if not sooner.

Acting much in the same way Skyscanner does for flights, Kuldea provides the most simple and straightforward way for consumers to search, discover, compare and shop furniture across the entire market on one website.

With 66 retailers on board at the time of going to press (I suspect it might be more as the brand continues to grow rapidly), bringing together over 150,000 products, consumers are able to visit the website and dive straight into searching for specific pieces of furniture by room, or by browsing the actual products themselves.

For example, when I’m building a client shopping list and I’m in need of a green sofa, it’s easy as heading to the search bar, typing in what I need, and I’m presented with options from the likes of Dunelm, My-Furniture, and Darlings of Chelsea to name a few.

Further to this, the site includes functionality where shoppers can favourite products, build out collections of products across multiple retailers, and set sales alerts on products so you’re immediately informed if something you’ve saved has a discount applied.

One of the biggest plus points for me, however, is the ability to share products and collections with others so you’re able to collaborate on purchasing decisions.

One of the biggest bugbears my clients will often mention is decorating with a partner in mind. Living with someone else and combining different tastes is a difficult task. Kuldea caught onto that niggle and offered a solution. Although some may wish the solution was, in fact, their partner having better taste in interiors. But I digress.

With product categories ranging from sofas, to bedsart, to armchairs and much more, it’s nice to see a range of both mainstream and independent brands, as well as a variety in price points – with the Kuldea portfolio including names such as Graham & Green, and Harveys, Houseology, The French Bedroom Company, Cox & Cox, Maisons du Monde and many more.

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