Painted Karo Boy (size: 60 x 60 cm)

Painted Karo Boy is one in a series of incredible photographic images taken by Mario Gerth on his travels through Africa where he visited many of the indigenous tribes staying with families along the way exploring their rituals, culture and individual personalities. This is the first image I encountered of Mario Gerth's work and it grabbed by attention immediately. The bold image of the boy's face painted in white , the intensity and shape of his face against the dark background – what a composition! Beautiful and powerful at the same time.

Curious Egg


Steve McQueen Jaguar Framed Print

In the spring of 1963, already popular from his big-screen breakout as one of The Magnificent Seven, Steve McQueen was on the brink of superstardom. Intrigued by his dramatic back story; McQueen was a reformed delinquent who got his thrills racing cars and motorcycles, photographer John Dominis took to California to hang out with the 33 year old actor. Three weeks and more than 40 rolls of film later, Dominis had captured some astonishingly intimate and now-iconic images. This stunning black and white print shows McQueen out driving his Jaguar, a shared passion between himself and Dominis. Framed beautifully within a striking black carcass, this iconic print would make an ideal gift for any film lover.

Barker and Stonehouse


Limited Edition Print - Loch Lom...

We are so excited to be able to offer these beautiful High quality Giclee prints of Alex's Boyd's renowned 'Sonnet's Series which was created in collaboration with the poet Edwin Morgan. We worked remotely with Alex as he is rarely in one place for long and regularly travels to faraway and remote places as part of his creative process. These works are evocative and sensitive making a powerful statement seeming to connect the contemporary with the ancient and mystical. They are intimate and emotional works making them a valuable addition to your home or an extra special gift.

Curious Egg


Limited Edition Print - La Femme...

La Femme Charbon #4 is one in an edition of 50 high quality giclee prints by Karenina Fabrizzi created on the highest quality Hahnemuhle photorag paper using museum quality inks. Its taken from the original mixed media painting which is part of a series of portraits depicting mysterious women who are glamorous and yet vulnerable at the same time. In each, the face is partially hidden with a mask-like disguise of birds and foliage making her almost merge as one with nature. The oval format of the canvas references a traditional Victorian cameo – a classically beautiful profile set against a solid contrasting background . “‘Charbon’ is the French word for ‘coal’ and this raw material used in Victorian times in abundance is the inspiration for the background. Coal creates smog which can mask and distort reality, it is volatile – like these mystery women whose beauty and perfection also cannot last. “ Karenina Fabrizzi These women go to great lengths to achieve the illusion of perfection and mystique but in each case here, there is a twist. It comes sometimes in the form of a missing feature or a quiet vulnerability in the eyes that gives away a different story . This twist in an otherwise classic subject is characteristic of Karenina Fabrizzi’s work which often mixes fantasy with reality in a dreamlike composition.

Curious Egg


Andrew Martin Like a Boss Neon A...

Andrew Martin | Like a Boss on the moon, this astronaut stands in a Louis Vuitton x Supreme spacesuit with neon stars which light up in an ethereal blue glow overhead. Radiating stand-out cool, this is a must-have for a modern living room, kitchen or games room. Or rock the norm and put it in the entrance hall to your Edwardian stately home.



Andrew Martin Aquamarine Crackle...

Andrew Martin | Throughout time, the apple has been a symbol of the Earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, being the apogee in the lives of Adam and Eve, Sir Isaac Newton, Rene Magritte and Snow White. So Bull & Stein have reinterpreted this mystic fruit for the home, creating eye-catching glass sculptures with a modern, surrealist twist. The crackled glass effect has a crystal-like appeal in 5 transparent colours and it is available in 3 different sizes, so you can find the most eccentric apple to fit your space.



Geometric Frida Print

Inspired by a Mexican icon, our Geometric Frida Print has been given a modern edge which will suit the contemporary home perfectly. The eye catching and unique multifaceted design will add another dimension, displayed as wall art, in a bedroom or living room setting.

Graham & Green


Original Artwork - Tribe #1

Tribe #1 is one in a collection of original monoprints on paper by emerging artist Kane McLay, exclusive to Curious Egg. Each piece is a unique and original artwork.  This artwork is framed in a dark brown/ black hand stained framed which beautifully sets off the artwork. Please ask if you would like more details. Observing the human form through drawing, painting and printmaking. My aim is to make work that portrays the animalistic and primitive parts of ourselves that make up the ‘being’ in all animal and human life. Kane McLay

Curious Egg


Framed Original Artwork - Landsc...

Exclusive to Curious Egg. ‘Landscapes’ is new series of original mixed media screenprints by Rachel Lee in gorgeous dark tones. Each one is unique and built up in layers with drawn graphic details, hand written text and collaged imagery on high quality paper. The pieces are beautifully framed with a hand finished dark grey contemporary wooden frame. They look stunning in a group of three but make intriguing artworks on their own. Rachel L. Lee creates vigorous marks and layers of screen printed image sometimes worked over with inks, paint and pen to build wonderful surreal landscapes. Her work is inspired by Automatism – the subconscious drawing techniques explored in the Surrealist movement.

Curious Egg


Original Painting - Inside My Ch...

This striking mixed media painting is from the latest body of work by Karenina Fabrizzi in which she explores the complex nature of femininity. The works show a prominent female figure against a background of wild florals and expressive colour against more muted tones. Her skin is delicate tones of antique white, pale nude pink and greenish tones in some there is an explosion of tattoo like vibrant reds, furious pinks and deep sultry shades of olive green. Each work in this series has been painstakingly made up with both opaque and translucent layers, collaged details and subtle textures. Some have brightly coloured sprayed and dripped paint in areas gives an irreverent edge to the works – they are bold seductive works embedded with complex emotion. “ Inspired by Divas throughout time, flowers and nature become one. The woman in each portrait is provocative with a seductive gaze – like an invitation to dream, to see another fantastical world without any vulgar undertones. It is instead a seductive lullaby, femininity carrying away the sorrows and troubles that weigh us down in modern life with an invitation to be taken to a magical land full of lush plants, flowers and vegetation “ Karenina Fabrizzi

Curious Egg


Blue Coral Artwork (Pair) | Fram...

Simple and serene, these two prints depict images of blue corals framed in mildly white-washed frames. We are hanging them above French-style bedside tables, above a fireplace, or either side of a sofa for a coastal inspired interior, recreating those carefree beach days all year round.

The French Bedroom Company


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