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In the Shade Print 2′ is one in a new series of original screen prints by Abi Baikie, inspired by her travels to Asia. “For this series of handmade prints I wanted to explore making the central object the negative space in each piece. It allowed me to create very bold and pattern filled backgrounds that wouldn’t distract from but instead complemented the flat area of colour where the focal point lay. I experimented with more traditional and simple ways of printmaking including hand cut paper stencils and it resulted in each print being completely unique. Another bonus of this was teaching myself to embrace those little imperfections that occur in hand-crafted art work. My latest work embraces strong colours and striking patterns, imitating the vibrancy and bustle that I experienced on my travels to Asia. I take inspiration from new places and experiences by taking photographs of any objects or scenes that catch my eye in everyday life. Little every day customs and habits like washing our clothes or sitting in a chair as well as bigger actions like the construction of buildings are all things we experience and see around us. The background and surroundings in each piece are always slightly abstract so they cannot be placed entirely and maintain a little unfamiliarity and curiosity. Overall, I would like to think my work sparks the same feelings of intrigue and wonder in others that the places I travel to bring me and remind people of all the things that connect us and make us human, all of our similarities in how we interact with the world.” Abi Baikie

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