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Curved Backless Bench ...

The design of our backless bench is captivating to the eye. The high quality teak finish gives it more overall impact, particularly with the curved shape.

There are endless possibilities here.

As a standalone purchase it fits perfectly with decorative, curved garden walls around the base of trees or with rounded patio tables, etc.

However, with multiple purchases you can fit four together to make a perfect circle or put two or three end to end to create an attractive contour bench running along a curved wall.

The featured photos are great for inspiration here.

Benefits of our Teak Garden Furniture.

The Garden Furniture Centre specialise in Teak Furniture for both indoor and outdoor use this is because of a number of unique qualities and the fact that it is a low-maintenance dense hardwood.

It is naturally strong and resistant to water and decay – making it perfect for outdoor benches that need to last and look good for years to come.

Its natural oils mean that the wood can be worked and left in its natural state. Over time the wood will go a beautiful silvery-greyish colour.

The aroma of the wood is an attractive, unique quality as well. Different people get different things out of it – some say it smells earthy while others detect a more leathery smell to it.

The reddish, golden hue to the wood makes it stand out without being intrusive and it really glows in the sunshine making it even more inviting as a piece of furniture.

Dimensions: Height: 41cm Depth: 51cm Front length 138cm Back length 209cm

Diameter from Outer Edge: 2.6m

Outer Radius: 130cm

Inside Diameter: 1.4m

Inside Radius: 70cm

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