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Why Sell on Kuldea

As a furniture retailer, you’re part of a large and competitive market. The nature of that market is changing daily as a result of the internet and digital technology. Staying relevant to the market is a difficult task for retailers. Kuldea brings a website and back end support platform to retailers that ensures they reach people based on the relevance of their products rather than the size of their marketing budget. The goal of Kuldea is to ensure retailers achieve success through an impartial and unbiased website.

How to Sell on Kuldea

Selling on Kuldea is easy for retailers. Once terms and conditions are agreed, it’s as simple as the retailer working with their dedicated Partnership Account Manager to set out a plan to success. Retailers products are listed on the Kuldea website through our back-end data integration system where there is a simple format for all products to be listed and managed. Beyond that, the dedicated Partnership Account Manager will work actively to develop the success plan with focuses on brand and product exposure, content creation and sales promotions. Ultimately, the goal of Kuldea is that retailers will thrive and flourish in the market as a result of the partnership.

Apply to Sell on Kuldea

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